• Inside and In Depth: 2012 Disneyland Half Marathon!

    For the seventh year in a row, the Disneyland Half Marathon has coursed its way through the Disneyland Resort and surrounding areas for a 13.1 mile journey that leads participants through both parks, Angel's stadium, and other areas of Anaheim.

    We present now dozens of photos from this morning and soon we will have video of all the goings on for the 2012 Disneyland Half Marathon!

    Jimmy Grabow, from the appropriately named Running Springs, Calif., finished in a record-setting 1:05:29. Cindy Lynch, of Cardiff, Calif., had a finishing time of 1:24:45.

    There were also a few runDisney alumni in the race including Kellie Nickerson who won the Tinker Bell Half Marathon in women's division and Kevin Broady who has participated in several Disneyland Half Marathons.

    Actor Sean Astin also participated in the race completing with a time of 2:23:54.

    Rudy and Cassie help encourage runners.

    Actor Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings, Rudy, and The Goonies) takes a picture for his Twitter.

    He congratulated and welcomed the racers.

    Some spirited runners pose before the start of the race.

    From the 300 Army Band, Warrant Officer Jeff Smith started off the event with the National Anthem.

    Pyro during the song helped set the tone.

    Play Ball!

    Daniel Delcourt, VP of Resort Hotels and Downtown Disney welcomed the crowds, as well.

    Mickey and Minnie listen on in anticipation of the start of the race.

    Wheelchair racers were first to cross.

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    1. DisneySquirt's Avatar
      Love this! Thanks for doing these updates for us, if I were athletic I'd definitely want to do the Disney runs!!
    1. dlfreak's Avatar
      Thanks for the encouragement, glad you enjoy it! We enjoy bringing it!Videos coming soon...
    1. Bob38dizfan's Avatar
      wow 1:05 -- I did my first half in 3:45 :P and I thought I would need to be carried away in a stretcher. I would love to do this someday
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