• Inside and In Depth: 2012 Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade at Disneyland - DAY 1

    On November 3 and 4 Disneyland Resort played host to the taping of the 2012 Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade which will air on ABC Christmas Day. Mario Lopez was in Town Square as he did commentary for the parade as it strolled down Main Street USA.

    Special celebrity appearances included Backstreet Boys, Ross Lynch, and Toby Mac. We've got more than 200 pictures to share and we will soon be posting video footage from the past two days. Enjoy this DAY 1 sneak peek!

    The parade taping kicked off officially on Main Street at 10am with a military flyover.

    Before the parade, though, Disney Channel's Bella Thorn and Olivia Holt taped some remote spots on Main Street and later in the Court of Angels.

    Mario Lopez hosted this year's Disneyland parade. Meanwhile, Maria Menounos and Nick Cannon will handle Walt Disney World in Florida which tapes in a few weeks.

    Military band heads down Main Street, I imagine there might be a message from the President (whoever it will be by Christmas Day).

    Donald, Daisy, and Goofy were in the Soundsational segment of the parade, they were fully articulated for the taping even though they did not seem to have any dialogue.

    Those who were particularly festive, adorable or festively adorable had higher chances of being taped to possibly be seen on television.

    Mario did a few remotes on the street. You can see here the crowds behind him were prepped with Phineas and Ferb merchandise... a perfect lead in for the Phineas and Ferb segment which was the segway between Soundsational and A Christmas Fantasy Parade.

    Where's my Perry?


    My favorite part of the Christmas Parade! Wish this segment was this large in the actual parade.

    Santa Claus actually made it to Disneyland this year.

    Once the parade ended, it was time to tape... the beginning? TV magic in effect here as they taped the parade opening after the parade had actually happened.

    Lightning and Mater help open up the parade, a perfect talking point for the new Cars Land expansion at Disney California Adventure.

    The last part of taping on Saturday was the performance by Disney Channel's Ross Lynch.

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