• Interactive NEW FANTAYLAND website encourages you to explore and unlock curse

    With just over 2 weeks left for the official grand opening, New Fantasyland is now officially in soft-open mode. To celebrate the the Magic Kingdom's expansion, an interactive website has been created to familiarize guests with all the new additions that are now available.

    The website invites you to become part of The Story of New Fantasyland at FindingFantasyland.com. The experience is complete with custom scored soundtrack, CG-rendered fly-through animations, and is narrated by David Ogden Stiers who narrated the opening sequence of Beauty and the Beast and was also the voice of Cogsworth.

    Disney first teased this site in September offering only the cryptic message to encourage you to Explore the lands. Break the Curse. Be the Hero.. Now the full experience can be unlocked.

    We find the map of New Fantsyland shrouded in purple smoke--in the grand style of ABC's ONCE UPON A TIME--and it's up to us to help break the curse by learning the virtues of being a Hero and finding the hidden symbols of the NEW FANTASYLAND shield. Each symbol represents the stories of the new expansion: a Trident for Journey of The Little Mermaid, a Feather for Dumbo, Antlers for Gaston's Tavern, and a Rose for Enchanted Stories with Belle.

    Using your cursor, you explore through the purple mist to find pieces of the symbol. As you find each of the three pieces, a quick snippet of a scene from the respective movie plays with the narrator recounting a different hero's virtue.

    After completing each respective symbol, you are rewarded with a CG fly-over of the area that ends on a final frame with hotspots offering up tidbits about the details of the area. As you proceed through the game you lift each land from the evil curse and the purple smoke lifts.

    Once you find all four symbols our narrator congratulates and thanks us for being so brave. We're rewarded with a final flyover of the New Fantasyland and are given the chance to download our Hero's Decree as a reward.

    The experience also ends with a brief teaser... a fifth symbol appears on the shield--an apple--and then an evil cackle and a quick flash of the Evil Queen ends the experience.

    Experience the new game yourself at FindingFantasyland.com.

    Long ago, a fantastical land was cursed by an evil queen and a band of wicked villains. Their spell shrouded our memories and hid the land from our view. But that place still exists. It's always been there, waiting for you to believe again. Waiting for you to reveal and protect it for generations to come.

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