• Disney on Ice's Dare to Dream brings fairytales to life in a spectacular way

    There is a time growing up as a girl that you for sure want to be two things in life, a princess and of course an ice skater. It was always my dream to be both. I would always beg my parents to take me to a Disney on Ice presentation whenever I saw the commercials on television. Well, 30 years later my dream came true, and while I didn't grow up to be an ice skater or a princess, I was still gitty as a little girl to be able to see Disney's on Ice: Dare to Dream.

    Going into the Long Beach Convention Center where Dare to Dream was being presented, I had no idea what to expect. I was actually a little put off by the fact that there were convention staffers everywhere trying to sell me everything with the Disney on Ice logo. But my mind soon changed. The set itself looked very simple at first but as the show progressed the set got more complex. Dare to Dream is presented in what I consider four acts. Princess and the Frog, Cinderella, Tangled, and what I call an all-star finale.

    The Princess and the Frog
    segment brought my favorite moments from the film onto the ice. The huge set turned into Tiana's Place right before our eyes. And what I found most impressive was the costumes by Ivan Ingermann and Gregg Barnes. They do a magnificent job bringing Charlotte's and Tiana's ball gowns into beautiful skating dresses. This first segment was around thirty minutes, and I thought it was great how they pulled the story together.

    In between each segment, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy entertain the crowd and introduce us to each story. I would have loved to have been a kid sitting in the first few rows, since it seems all the characters and skaters interact with them. The next segment was Cinderella, and it was quite impressive to see the story come alive on ice. Cinderella in her coach was one of my favorite moments during this segment.

    The segment I was most excited to see was Tangled. After a brief intermission the story of Rapunzel began. At first I was a bit disappointed because the story felt a little rushed and mismatched. But then huge silk from the ceiling came down representing her hair and Flynn and Rapunzel did an amazing aerial silk sequence that literally had me breathless the entire time. I was also impressed on how they could bring to life Maximus on the ice. The skaters behind Maximus should be applauded for being able to bring his characteristics to life. While this segment felt a little mismatched, it was still impressive, and brought all the humor from the film onto the ice.

    Dare to Dream ends with almost all the princesses welcoming Rapunzel into their royal family. Dare to Dream has everything you want as a Disney fan, the characters, the pyro, the romance, and of course comedy. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect, but Dare to Dream was absolutely amazing. If it comes to your town it is a must see, and I'm looking forward to seeing more Disney On Ice productions.
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