• Elton John takes to the stage at Hyperion Theater in DCA for Yamaha 125th Anniversary Dealer Concert

    Yamaha's 125th Anniversary Dealer Concert is currently going on at the Hyperion Theater at Disney California Adventure. The concert headlines with Elton John performing with a 60-piece orchestrais.

    The event is being streamed LIVE right now at EltonJohn.com/Yamaha125.

    Elton took to the stage just minutes ago. The concert started at 8pm this evening with talent including Amy Grant, Chaka Khan, Dave Grusin, Earth, Wind & Fire, James Newton Howard, Leogun, Lucy Schwartz, Michael McDonald, Sarah McLachlan, Sinbad and Toto. Legendary bass player Nathan East seved as music director.

    Elton's playlist included Your Song, Tiny Dance, Sorry, Blues, and Rocket Man.

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    1. DisneySquirt's Avatar
      Wow too cool! Sarah is local to where I live, one of our "claim's to fame"! Did Elton end up playing Circle of Life? I can't imagine he wouldn't seeing he was playing at a Disney Park!
    1. dlfreak's Avatar
      He didn't =(
    1. DisneySquirt's Avatar
      That's sad
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