• TravelEAR Abroad: Explore and Stay the Night in These Ancient Caves!

    Welcome back, travelEARS! Today we are going to venture into one of our favorite types of hotels, the cave hotels. Today, we welcome you to the Museum Hotel.

    Whether they are the spooky caves on Pirate’s Lair, or the icy caves in the Matterhorn, many travelEARS love exploring Disney’s caves. And if you happen to be one of these people, you will definitely love to stay in this hotel!

    Today's TravelEAR Abroad is presented by Castles and Dreams Travel.

    About This Hotel

    Nevsehir, Cappadocia, Turkey
    Typical Cost:
    $250 -$400 / night

    The Museum Hotel, as well as many of the cave hotels that we have featured in TravelEAR Abroad, are located in Cappadocia. This area of Turkey features breathtaking landscapes, tall mountains, and of course, a plethora of caves to explore… and spend the night in!

    The Museum Hotel separates itself from the other caves in this area because of the careful consideration that was given to preserving of the original ruins and caves. The hotel guests its “museum” moniker from the designer, Omer Tosun, who designed the hotel to bring guests back in time and experience ancient cultures.

    There are 30 guest rooms, providing a great mix of culture and luxury. You can choose to stay in a standard room or a suite. For those wanting a romantic getaway, the Honeymoon Suite is the perfect place to stay.

    Besides looking at the incredible views, there are lots of other things to do. You can explore the caves and the surrounding area on hikes. You can get incredibly soothing massages on the hotel’s message terrace. And you can even take a cooking lesson and experiment with food from many different cultures.

    So whether you are seeking a romantic getaway or an awesome place to explore, the Museum hotel definitely has something for you! See you next week as we continue to take you, the TravelEAR, Abroad.

    About TravelEAR Abroad
    Every year, thousands of families pack up and make annual visits to the happiest place on Earth. The typical TravelEAR (that is, the typical Disney vacationer) is very much accustomed to hotels branded with "© Disney" symbols everywhere. TravelEAR Abroad focuses on different lodgings around the globe. Each installment takes a look at places with unique or magical twists beyond the standard double-occupancy non-smoking room. Sit back and relax as we take you, the TravelEAR, abroad!

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