• A Ralph-sized release this is not... A BD review of WRECK IT RALPH

    WRECK IT RALPH is a different breed of Disney film. Like most of the other CG tales to come from the house of the mouse, it brings Disney family friendly fundamentals to a modern setting. I honestly preferred it over Tangled which will polarize quite a few of you out there but there is really cute story here with a great cast of rag-tag characters that make up up a kooky group that oddly works.

    WRECK IT RALPH, which is available now for home market had me really excited. When Disney finally sent us our review copy of the DVD, we couldn't wait to pop it in. It was the first film in a long time that we were really excited to bring home.

    That excitement would soon be calmed slightly when it came time to review the bonus features. There are not very many. My biggest disappointment was that there was no audio commentary track. There's so much to talk about with this project, so much that could be elaborated and I was saddened to not have that ultimate geek goody available.

    Still, the rest of the goodies, as few as they were, helped maintain my excitement. The best was a feature that's not really a feature, it was the Disney Intermission that activates when you pause the movie. This new feature has been included on a few releases (including THE MUPPETS and PETER PAN) but its probably put to best use here with Nerdist Chris Hardwick who offers up fun facts and Easter eggs.

    Thankfully, we also get a great making of featurette in the form of "Bit by Bit: Creating the Worlds of WRECK IT RALPH" which includes filmmakers, artists, and aniamtors talking about their involvement with the project to create the multiple realms depcited in the movie.

    The standard assortment of Deleted and Alternate Scenes are also included giving us a fun look to how the film was originally going to be crafted. In all there's four clips available and each comes with commentary by director Rich Moore who also provides an introduction to the four clips.

    Of course, one of the other most anticipated features for us on on this DVD is the Oscar-winning short PAPERMAN. For now you can watch the entire clip online at Disney Video but there's no guarantee for that to be available for free forever.

    Also included is the three awesome viral videos created to promote the fake video games from the films. They were released on Youtube earlier this year, each cleverly representative of the era from which each respective video game was released.

    Certainly, the amount of features here is nothing to pound your fists in rage about but as a fan of the film I had hoped for more. Still, WRECK IT RALPH is a charming modern tale and it boasts a standard set of features that will ensure a great evening of Disney magic.

    You can own WRECK IT RALPH today on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital Download.
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