• Disney character cosplay at 2013 WonderCon Day 2

    WonderCon 2013 has overtaken the Anaheim Convention Center for the second year in a row and its proximity to the Disneyland Resort has ensured that quite a few Disney fans were in attendance showcasing their passion for Disney with their cosplay costumes.

    We'll have an even deeper look at WonderCon 2013 cosplay later but for now enjoy a look at our favorite Disney cosplay costumes!

    We start off going old school 90's style with a tribute to Darkwing Duck.

    Continuing on the 1990s Disney track, we find Gadget from "Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers."

    Can't go more old school Disney than with an original Mousketeer. KAREN!

    White Rabbit and Mad Hatter are Disney classics.

    Vanellope was a popular character this year at WonderCon, we have her regular sporty look and her full on princess gear.

    This Vanellope even had a Turbo and a Sour Bill to join her.

    Our award goes to this gal who went above and beyond with her own Candy Rush racer.

    If you saw WRECK IT RALPH in theaters then you should also recognize this gal from PAPERMAN. Photo taken by Quentin Vasquez.

    Another more recent character is John Carter of Mars. Many thanks to Sabrina Ibarra for sharing this one with us!

    Disney Parks fans will recognize these two evicted residents of the Haunted Mansion. Many thanks to Sabrina Ibarra for sharing this one with us!

    Dick Tracy is another striking costume on the showfloor.

    Evil Queen.

    Steampunk Disney Villains Style.

    This is another popular Ariel cosplay each year.

    Classic Cinderella.


    Belle again.

    Belle some more along with Flynn Rider and Robin... only at a Con!

    Merida brings us a more recent princess from Pixar.

    Cosplay might be a stretch here with this fan-made Wall-E creation. But he's just too adorable to leave out.


    R2D2 is a Disney character now so just accept it.

    Another Droid.

    Storm Troopers gather at the entrance.

    Ted in cosplay as an Ewok confuses sand people and troopers alike.

    Closer look.

    Queen Amidala.

    Ok, so Rufio is not technically a Disney character since he's from HOOK but it's still a great cosplay!

    THE END!

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    1. dlfreak's Avatar
      Wish we could go on Sunday, too
    1. Bob38dizfan's Avatar
      that Wall-E was awesome - did it have sounds and everything or did it just drive around on the tracks? The Steampunk Villians were really cool.
    1. dlfreak's Avatar
      Sound and everything! Moving eyebrows, head moves, arms moved. Was able to manuver as well.

      The one on the right was controlling R2, the one on the left was controlling Wall-E:

      WonderCon 2013 - Day 2, - MouseInfo Photo Gallery
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