• April 12, 2013 - A look inside Iron Man Tech in Innoventions at Disneyland

    Today Annual Passholders had a special preview of the new "Building a Better Hero" Iron Man Tech experience at Innoventions. Guests get to see different Iron Man suites and can participate in a presentation by JARVIS (Tony Stark's computer program) that invites guests to "suit up" in the Mark 42 armor.

    The experience opens to the public on Saturday April 13, and Iron Man 3 hits theaters on May 3, 2013.

    Full Update Below....

    Banners hanging outside Innoventions to promote Iron Man Tech.

    Screen to "suit up" as Iron Man.

    Tony Stark Iron Man suit pieces.

    After you "suit up" you exit through scenes from the upcoming movie.

    The Mark 42 armor on display.

    © Disney. All rights reserved.

    An overview of the area.

    © Disney. All rights reserved.

    Front shot of the Mark 42 suit.

    Tony Stark's virtual personal assistant Jarvis helps guests feel what it's like to SUIT UP! in the Mark 42 Iron Man suit.

    Little man becoming Iron Man.

    © Disney. All rights reserved.

    Suiting up.

    Iron Man suits on display.

    The exit after the "Suit Up" experience.

    The wall inside Innoventions.

    Rest of the Innoventions was empty during the preview.

    Lots of room now with some of the arcade games gone.

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    1. smitty-78's Avatar
      Very nice, it looks like it's a great exhibit!
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