• TravelEAR Abroad: Explore these Ancient Caves!

    Welcome back, travelEARS! Last week we took you up a mountain, but today we are taking you into the earth at the Gamirasu Cave Hotel.

    TravelEARS accustomed to the spooky caves in Disneyland may just want to rethink their notions about caves after visiting this hotel!

    About This Hotel

    Kriens, Switzerland
    Typical Cost:
    $250-$400 / night

    We have taken you to many cave hotels in the past, but this one is very different from the previous cave hotels. Gamirasu Cave Hotel is a former prison and monastic cave house. That’s right, both prisoners and monks once resided in this awesome hotel!\

    After being used to house prisoners, the hotel became used as a Byzantine church in the 12th century. Until recently, part of the hotel was still used by Christian monks. Much care has been taken to blend the historic facades with the natural curves of the Cappadocian landscape to preserve its traditional style and appearance.

    This hotel is comprised of six exquisitely restored cave houses. There are a total of 18 rooms in the Gamirasu that you can stay in. These rooms are designed in harmony with the natural fairy chimney surroundings and contain all of the comforts of a modern hotel.

    So if you want to stay in an awesome cave hotel, you should definitely give Gamirasu a look! See you next week as we continue to take you, the TravelEAR, Abroad.

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