• Honey-Colored Carpet Premiere for Winnie the Pooh at Walt Disney Studio

    Zoey Deschanel, Craig Ferguson, and Jim Cummings were among the Disney favorites who walked the honey-colored carpet this morning for the premiere of Winnie the Pooh which opens in theaters next Friday, July 15.

    Honey was flowing a the Walt Disney Studio for the honey-colored carpet premier of Winnie the Pooh.

    Honey pots scattered about the studio lot.

    A storybook backdrop and bee pattern carpet.

    A better look at the bees on the custom carpet.

    A portion of the set of Christopher Robin's bedroom was available to view.

    The room is seen for the intro of the film and again at the very end in the credits.

    A look at toys scattered around the room.

    Christopher Robin's bed.

    A sign shows the original room that influenced the set direction.

    On the left you can see the actual bedroom of Christopher Robin Milne and the set as seen in the film on the right.

    Characters were there, Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, too!

    Look at my belly button, Tigger.

    Craig Ferguson did not stop for interviews.

    He did stop for a quick photo.

    Zoey Deschanel was also ushered quickly by at the last minute.

    Bye, Zoey!

    Zoey sings the opening title song for Winnie the Pooh.

    Jim Cummings stopped for a very brief second to speak before he was ushered off to the premiere.

    It was such a trip to see him do the voice of Tigger! Too bad we didn't catch it on film!

    Legendary Disney animator Andreas Deja was kind enough to stop to chat with us. He was the supervising animator in the film for Tigger.

    We got to spend a little bit of time with Travis Oates, the voice of Piglet. Let it be known that although one of the smallest members of the Pooh crew, Piglet is quite the chick magnet, according to Travis.

    Bruce Smith, the supervising animator for Piglet, can also attest to the Chick magnet status that the tiny little pink pig lends.

    Smith also stopped to chat with us and shared some of his experiences working on the film.

    We also spoke a bit with Bruce Reitherman (son of animator Wooly Reitherman, one of the Nine Old Men) who was the original voice of Christopher Robin.

    Veteran animator Eric Goldberg was the supervising animator of Rabbit for the newest film. Goldberg is perhaps best known as the animator for the Genie in Aladdin.

    Dale Baer is another veteran Disney animator who was on the red carpet, he was the supervising animator for Eeyore.

    Henry Jackman stopped briefly to chat, he was the composer for the film. His other most recent project is X-men: First Class.

    Producer Peter Del Vecho.

    Patton Oswalt (voice of Remy in Ratatouillie) did not stop to chat.

    Lou Diamond Phillips showed up with his family.

    Chi McBride was also on the honey-carpet with this family.

    He paused for a quick photo.

    Disney Channel kids were also in tow.

    Awesome little displays were setup explaining history of the Pooh franchise.

    A handy little timeline.

    A closer look at the display cases.

    Concept art.

    Some history on author AA Milne and illustrator EH Shepard.


    Researching the landscapes.

    More Pooh.

    Even more Pooh.

    Mini Winnie Gallery.

    A better look at all the minis.

    Maquettes are often used by animators to understand how a character looks at all angles.

    Christopher Robin.




    And we'll end it with Pooh and his best pal Piglet.

    THE END!



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