• A look at "Opa! A Greek Celebration!" at Disneyland Park

    Yesterday, we explored the Opa! A Greek Celebration at Disney California Adventure for a look at the weekend celebration and today we head over to Disneyland for a look at the celebrations.

    Apart from the food offerings and atmosphere entertainment, Disneyland also hosted its own crafts table allowing guests to create their own laurel crown plus featured the Hercules Training Center where guests could meet and greet with Hercules and run through his mini challenges.

    Click here for a look at the celebration at Disney California Adventure.

    It was a beautiful afternoon at Disneyland this afternoon. I popped in around 11am to find the castle delightfully free of people so I took advantage of the opportunity for a classic shot in the beautiful sunlight.

    Over at the Small World Mall, there's a small set-up for the Opa! Greek Celebration.

    Part of the Small World Mall has become the Hercules Training Center.

    The area normally inhabited by Merida has temporarily become Hercules' Training Center.

    Hercules can be spotted in the area helping to train the young ones.

    The first mission of the Training Center is weight training. 10,000 lbs, easy!

    The next course is archery.

    Guests have the opportunity to shoot a training arrow through the hoop.

    The final course is shot-put training.

    Your aim helps determine your hero ranking.

    Also in the small world area is this semi-trandom urn featuring Hercules. Guests can pose for photos with Mickey in his Greek fustanella.

    The crafts table lets guests decorate their own laurel wreath crown.

    Not too sure what's supposed to be on this cart but I imagine it would have been something interesting...

    As with Disney California Adventure, there's streetmosphere entertainment representing various stages of Greek culture and history.

    Feta Bread with Red Pepper Hummus.

    Mickey and the Magical Map is open to guests. Check out our pictorial and full-show video here.

    No more baked potatoes.

    A look at the prices.

    Over at Edelweiss there's a snack reminiscent of the Magic Kingdom's New Fantasyland lamb-shank available for purchase.

    It looks quite tasty!

    Closer look.

    Memorial Day bunting looks great in the afternoon sunlight.

    All of Main Street is quite patriotic.

    Tilly seems quite composed despite the increasing temperatures.

    An extra security station has been set-up to help alleviate the crowds. That or a tent is missing... couldn't quite tell.

    We'll end with a great shot of Sleeping Beauty Castle in the afternoon sun.


    Click here for a look at the celebration at Disney California Adventure.
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