• Club 33, a peek inside!

    This past March, a Club 33 buffet luncheon was arranged in appreciation to the Premium Members of MouseInfo.com. All MouseInfo Premium Members were invited to attend the luncheon at Club 33.

    Admission (the cost of the meal) was the same price as a one-day one-park ticket but, the meal comes with a Disneyland ticket. There are no discounts of any sort but, you may look at it as getting into Club 33 for free with the purchase of a Disneyland ticket!

    A hungry and excited "dlfreak."

    Area just outside the "Trophy Room" also called "Walt's Room."

    The contents of a cubbie inside Walt's Room. (Gives you the willies being in WALT'S Room!)


    Merchandise! Hard to see but there are some golf balls, polo shirts, beer glasses, coffee cups, and several other bric-a-brac with the Club 33 logo.

    Framed Haunted Mansion Stertch Room portraits!


    A look down the cooridor leading to the Main Dining Room. (Facing North) The wall on the right side makes up part of the wall of the Trophy Room; access to the Trophy Room is just to the right of the photographer.

    This is right behind the photographer. (Facing South)

    A bit down the hall from the first picture you find this side table which was used in the Banks home set during the filming of Mary Poppins.

    Another look back down the hall, coming from the Trophy Room. The first picture on this page was taken right next to the piano pictured here.


    The bar (foreground, right wall,) the buffet (next to it, right wall,) and the dessert table (left wall). At the very end of the hall is the Main Dining Room.

    A closer shot of the bar... the only place in Disneyland to get an alcoholic drink.

    The emptied buffet (boy those MIers sure can eat!) This picture was taken after the meal had already ended as the buffet area was being cleaned.


    Close-up of the desert table.

    A bit blurry but this is an awesome attraction poster for Pirates of the Caribbean.

    The wallpaper border and pattern along the buffet hallway.


    A part of the Main Dining Room.

    A view of the Rivers of America is afforded from this window-side table.

    More of the Main Dining Room.


    A look from another window out onto Orleans Avenue.

    A set table in the Main Dining Room.

    The Club 33 china. These plates are not for eating. They are removed once the first course is brought.


    Main Dining Room cubbie. (Facing South)

    Main Dining Room fireplace directly across from the cubbie. (Facing North)

    A look into the Main Dining Room from the balcony, notice the Rivers of America in the reflection.


    Side Street Strutters do some struttin' near the Court of Angels.

    A look down Orleans Avenue from the balcony.

    My brother (dlchubs129) watching all the unfortunate souls not inside Club 33. (Point and laugh while eating some lobster from the buffet)


    Birds-eye view (or at least trees-eye view) of a building on Orleans Avenue.

    It's amazing how it's so quiet, calm, and relaxing up here when there's so much commotion down below.

    Detail detail even where the average guest won't see.


    A look down Orleans Avenue near the Rivers of America (facing South)

    The view behind the picture above. (Facing North)

    A painting of the Mark Twain.

    ~THE END~

    In November there was another planned Premium Member meal at Club 33. Click here for photographs from that trip.

    Premium Membership at MouseInfo is a wonderful way to show your support for the website. A 12-month MouseInfo Premium Membership includes some of the following features: No Banner Ads on the discussion boards, 20 mb of storage space on Photo Albums, Larger Private Message Inbox, and more (including the possible opportunity to attend Club 33 when the events arise)!

    If you are interested in becoming a MouseInfo Premium Member click here.
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