• Club 33, another peek inside!

    A few weeks ago we offered you a peek inside (HERE) the famous Club 33 at Disneyland with pictures from a MouseInfo Premium Member Appreciation Luncheon. Another MouseInfo meeting was held this November and there are tons more pictures from inside the Club to enjoy!

    While the first update gave a general sense to the look and feel of the club, this update is much more heavy on the tiny details. Throughout this update there will be special desktop wallpapers availble for download. For a page with all the desktops available in this update, see the last page of the update! Or, for the desktops, you can click here.

    Click here for the update!


    The lift that can take you and 3 or possibly 4 loved ones up to Club 33.

    One corner of the small "foyer."

    Closeup of the bust.

    The rather creepy foyer mirror.


    I've ordered already and the starter plate is being hauled away so off to explore....

    A nice sitting area in the hallway to the main dining room.

    I want this Pirates attraction poster!

    Club 33 concept art on the walls in the hallway.


    Nicely stocked bar.

    Champagne near a sitting area and a semi-famous concept art painting of New Orleans Square.

    More champagne and a rather ornate light fixture.


    Right across from the bar is this old piano.

    A painting of the Mark Twain and another hallway sitting area. Off to the right of this picture...

    ...another sitting area!


    A lovely side table.

    Another view of the table. Look familiar?

    It shouldn't but it was used in the Banks' home in Mary Poppins!


    At the end of one hallway (entrance to Walt's Room is to the right, a cast member door is to the left, and the bar and main dining room would be in the opposite direction)

    Nftysqrt and dlfreak... king and queen of Club33

    Close up of the table in this hallway.


    Merchandise!!! Tons of things to buy with the Club 33 logo... key-chain, shot-glass, coffee mug, pendant, pin (of course there is a pin), and the coveted Mickey Ears which I could not wait to get my hands on.

    Some of the clothing available... a button up blue shirt, a blue polo, and a $25 baseball t-shirt which we got our hands on.

    A really nice painting of Unky Walt in Club 33 enjoying his morning paper over breakfast while the Mark Twain floats by on the Rivers of America.


    Back into Walt's Room to see if the food was here yet... nope but this vulture and other stuffed bird over the doorway caught my attention.

    The vulture was animatronic and was supposed to be used by Walt to talk to his special guests.

    Clever, maximum occupancy is 33.


    A blurry shot of one corner of Walt's Room.

    More stuffed birds in Walt's Room. This room used to have a lot of Walt's trophies (hence it's former name "Trophy Room") including a large elephant tusk but after Walt's death, Lilian took most of his personal belongings and the room became "Walt's Room."

    A cubby inside Walt's room.

    Closeup of some of the cubby contents.


    Next to the cubby is this ancient projector with an original piece of the Steamboat Willie filmstrip.

    Closeup of the projector.

    Another angle of the projector.


    No food, I'm going to explore some more.. this is just outside Walt's Room and is near the lift and stairs from the foyer.

    The stretch-room portraits nicely framed.

    A really great photograph of Walt sitting in Town Square. This is my current avatar here at MIboards


    Another neat photograph of Walt et al walking down Main Street.

    Another peek back inside Walt's Room. A china cabinet.

    This is where the starter plates are stored. This image is available as a desktop wallpaper.


    Some more Club 33/New Orleans Square concept art.

    Even Club 33 shows some holiday spirit with fresh poinsettias overlooking Royal Street. (Notice the Christmas lights outside)

    No fancy chair toilet for the men.


    The wallpaper pattern in the hallways.

    A light fixture I decided to photograph for some reason. (I guess I was hungry to the point of delirium)

    All of these balconies... let's have a step outside, eh?


    As a regular visitor, you don't really get to see these decorations from up close!

    The closer you get the more detail you notice.

    The magnificent angel above the Court of Angels. This image is available as a desktop wallpaper.


    Taken from another balcony, a magnificent view of Royal Street. This image is available as a desktop wallpaper.

    A look back inside Club 33 from the balcony.

    Fantasmic! is a bit loud, let's head back inside!


    Another shot of that famous New Orleans Square (NOS) concept painting.

    Some more NOS concept art.

    I'm not even sure what this decorative piece is.


    Dinner was delicious (sorry, I forgot to take pics) and the Remember soundtrack provided nice ambiance during dinner... now some more of Walt's Room!

    An exit into the Kitchen.

    One of two chandeliers hanging over our long table in Walt's room.

    The famed microphones are still there. Walt wanted to be able to hear his guests and see how they were enjoying their visit.


    Two MIers sporting their new 33 goodies. I got the Mickey Ears with the 33 logo and my brother got the Team 33 baseball t-shirt.

    Modeling the back.

    Step back out on to the balcony and check out all the beads and lights


    Nftysqrt loved her pair of ears too

    How 'bout a spot a tea, guv'nah?

    Some more NOS decorations.


    Looks just like Mardi Gras!

    The camera slipped while this picture was being taken but I like the way it came out. This image is available as a desktop wallpaper.

    A look at Orleans Avenue and it's decorations.


    A not so noticeable from the ground-level Christmas tree.

    No idea. But it looks like we're in Louisiana! OK, let's get back inside...

    The main dining room finally cleared out a bit so I was able to get some pics.

    The china cabinet, if you will, in the Main Dining room.

    The mantle piece in the Main Dining room.


    Food in stomachs, merchandise in hand, MIers prepare to hesitantly depart from the club. Here is christyca and her sister.

    XAquaTeenBoyX and his friend.

    Now it's time to say good bye
    To all our Company
    M - I - C (See ya real soon!)
    K - E - Y (Why?!? Because we like you!)
    Good bye Club 3 - 3

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    If you are interested in becoming a MouseInfo Premium Member click here.
    Club 33 - November 2005 Desktop Wallpapers

    FOR Windows: Click on desired resolution and when the image has loaded, right click and select "Set As Background/Wallpaper."

    FOR Mac: Click on desired resolution and when the image has loaded, right click and select "Save As Wallpaper."

    Club 33 Starter Plates

    New Orleans Square, holiday color

    Court of Angels Guardian

    Orleans Avenue

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