• A look at the upcoming CHRISTMAS FANTASY offerings for Tokyo Disney Resort

    Disney recently shared some of the upcoming slate for the holiday season at the Tokyo Disney Resort in Japan. Their CHRISTMAS FANTASY celebration includes new this year a Santa's Village area and the new SANTA VILLAGE PARADE that brings it all to life.

    In addition, there will be the COLORS OF CHRISTMAS light presentation on the Tokyo Disney Sea Christmas Tree. Additionally, the HOLIDAY GREETIN FROM SEVEN PORTS entertainment program will help bring Christmas cheer.

    Full posting from the DPB below.

    Tokyo Disney Resort Plans Santa’s Village, Special Parades & More for the Holidays

    Our friends at Tokyo Disney Resort just unveiled their holiday plans this week, with special fireworks, entertainment, holiday trees and parades on the way.

    This year, Tokyo Disneyland will hold a Christmas Fantasy celebration, which includes a Santa’s Village complete with a toy factory shop, and a special Disney’s Santa Village Parade that magically brings the village to life.

    Tokyo DisneySea will host a Christmas Wishes celebration, which will feature Colors of Christmas, a light display that includes a 49-foot-tall Christmas tree as a centerpiece, and “Holiday Greeting From Seven Ports” entertainment program.

    Have you spent the holidays at one of our international theme parks? Let us know in the “Comments” section – and be sure to check out the gallery above for photos of previous Christmas seasons at Tokyo Disney Resort.

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