• D23 Expo 2011 - "Top Ten Tips" Survival Guide

    As we gear up for the first day of the 2011 D23 Expo, we present a list (in no particular order) of things we learned back in 2009. Whether this is your first expo, or you're a return expo-teer, we highly recommend giving the list a read. If you went in 2009 and you notice something missing, let us know in the comments!

    1. Stay hydrated! You'll be doing a lot of waiting & sitting around, so keeping a bottle of water or two handy is never a bad idea.
    2. Bring snacks! Like the water, never a bad idea to have food with you in case you get the munchies.
    3. Be prepared at the Studios presentation to check cameras, cell phones, and anything else that records audio or video (more presentations may/may not require this). There will be a VERY strict no-recording policy in effect.
    4. Keep an extra guide book handy in case you or a friend misplaces one.
    5. D23 members be sure to remember your membership card! You will not be allowed early admission without it.
    6. Some collectors booths have special guests, too! For example, Paige O'Hara and Susan Egan (just to name a few) will be visiting the Disneyana booth throughout the weekend. Be sure to check with the booths to see their respective schedules.
    7. Schedule time to eat. It sounds petty, but if you're not careful, you may find yourself running out of time to grab lunch!
    8. Make time for the expo show floor. There's lots to see other than the presentations, but like eating, you have to make the time to see it!
    9. Don't underestimate lines. If you end a presentation and the next one you want to see is within the next hour, be prepared that you may not make it in time. In 2009 some presentations required getting in line well over an hour in advance (in some cases 2 or 3 hours for the Arena presentations).
    10. Be sure to check the MouseInfo, D23 Expo, and D23 twitters for all the latest info!
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