• Inside and in depth: ADVENTURE TRADING COMPANY juju hunt now at Disneyland!

    Today, a new adventure has started in Adventureland at Disneyland: ADVENTURE TRADING COMPANY! Located, inside the Indiana Jones Outpost, guests are encouraged to purchase adventure guide maps and to go on a hunt for the elusive Jujus throughout the land and even in some areas across the Resort.

    Juju's are small, hand-carved artifacts that reflect the ancient traditions and importance of storytelling in Adventureland. Every Juju has a story attached to it, often the story of how it was created. There are check-in points with Cast Members along your adventure to either help you along or to continue to tell a piece of the story for your particular Juju.

    There are six Juju's that can be found inside the park and guests can purchase these with their respective adventure guide maps for $5 each.

    There are also three other special Juju's that require you to purchase food items. The Pineapple Juju can be obtained by purchasing the Pineapple Parfait for $7.95 at the Adventureland Fruit Cart, Snake Juju by purchasing Venomade at Bengle BBQ for $7.50, and Tiki Mask Juju by following the Telegram to Trader Sams for the Juju Juice for $7.50.

    Be forewarned, continuing below will contain spoilers so if you wish to find your own paths of discovery for your Juju it perhaps may be best to not proceed any further!

    Hope you enjoy our in-depth look below...


    Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost is where the Adventure Trading Company is currently taking up residence.

    Brief overview on how you can discover the Juju's.

    The meaning of each of Jujus that you can collect.

    Trading code of the Adventure Trading Company.

    Price for each of the six Juju guidemaps.

    Name tags were given if you wanted them. My name was "Warrior Becca."

    After you finished your quest for all the Juju's, you could come back and sign the Adventure book.

    Awesome sign inside with lots of details inside.

    Some of the Juju's on display.

    Telegrams heading to Trader Sams. This is also where they kept the guide maps.

    This Cast Member was all over the place helping guests. He made me tell my story on how I got my warrior name.

    The four guide maps we got for our Juju's. Two of them, the Treehouse and Crocodile Tooth did not have maps, and we had to figure out how they worked.

    Now let's go find some JUJU!


    First, we started with the PIRANHAHAHA Juju.

    We had to look all around the Jungle Cruise and learn about the boat and animals.

    When you are finished, you take the map to the Cast Member and they stamp your guide map.

    To get this Juju, we had to tell a joke to a Jungle Cruise skipper. Ta da!

    Onward for more Juju!


    Next up was the Tiki Bird Juju. For this we had to go around and take pictures of five birds we thought would join the Tiki Room.

    We used this as our multi color bird.

    Seeker choice bird.

    Small bird.

    Our large bird!

    We the had to show the Cast Member our pictures at the entrance to the Tiki Room.

    Stampy stampy!

    More Juju... need more juju...


    This was probably the most fun Juju to collect, we had to read all of The Daily Gnus, and look for a clue.

    I spot a familiar face!

    After reading it we found a phone number which we called and it gave us a number that we had to go find at the Trading Post.

    With the number from the phone we decoded it to be the Rare Juju and went to Westward Ho Trading Company.

    Here we found the elephant box and was rewarded our elephant Juju.

    Tally ho, for more Jujus we go!

    4. Eye of Mara Knowledge Juju

    The next one takes us to find the Eye of Mara Knowledge Juju.

    We had to decode this map from the Indiana Jones Adventure queue.

    The crate with the code stone in the exit area.

    Uncoding stone.

    Once you uncode, you must find this stone near Aladdin's Oasis, uncode this and go back to Adventure Trading Company.

    You must then try and find the Eye of Mara Juju in one of these three caves.

    Cast Member's awesome bag.

    Onward for more jujus!!!


    Unlike the others which require activity to acquire, the Treehouse is simply purchased on its own. The Cast Member told us if we go to Tarzan's Treehouse we'll find special places to put our Jujus and make some magic on our own.


    Like the Treehouse Discovery Juju, this doesn't require any special adventures. It can simply be purchased at the Trading Post.


    Like I said in the introduction there are three other Juju's you can purchase. This Pineapple Juju is with a purchase of this amazing Pineapple Parfait.

    This Juju was so cute!


    Simply purchase the Venonmade for $7.50 to get this juju, it's available at the Bengal BBQ.


    The Tiki Mask Juju you need to go deliver this telegram to Trader Sam's.

    Once there the Juju Juice is $7.50 and is non-alcoholic yumminess.


    All of our Juju's we collected. A special thanks to @21RoyalStreet and @Illusion0fLife for helping me on my adventure!

    THE END!
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