• Indiana Jones Adventure attraction celebrates 20th anniversary with AP-exclusive after-hours party

    There's a few other goings on as Disneyland rapidly works to meet that May 22 deadline for the launch of the #Disneyland60 anniversary celebration. We take a look at on-going work plus a look at some new merch in Downtown Disney's shops. Then we'll end it all with a couple shots of Sleeping Beauty Castle as the sun began to set.

    Work continues at Mickey and Friends and one of the signage pieces has been unveiled.

    Back to blue! It was a similar color scheme for during the Year of a Million Dreams in 2007.

    Tons of people queued up for the LEGO Builders children's event.

    No coffee for you. Or Apricots.

    Earl of Sandwich has had its vista returned to normal.

    No more Olaf's Frozen Ice Rink!

    Signage at the entrance of Downtown Disney (just beyond the ESPN here is also under wraps for its diamond-tastic color scheme.)

    Have you tried the flavored churros yet in Downtown Disney?

    These lovely displays called our attention into Vault 28.

    New Cinderella movie merchandise including this fancy ornament.

    I NEED this candy dish!

    Sticker shock.

    Just liked the way the sunset colors worked here.

    Time for a Jolly Holiday dinner...

    So many choices...

    Jolly Holiday Combo. Tomato soup swapped with Tortilla Soup.

    Never noticed this adorable stove inside of Jolly Holiday, it's used to keep the soup warm.

    A nice fun fresh snack alternative! Strawberries with Chocolate Dipping Sauce!

    Never noticed the fireplace green swirly fire glowing so prominently in the ballroom at the Haunted Mansion.

    Sleeping Beauty Castle is no longer under wraps!

    The pink flowers from the trees in the hub are beginning to fall. Someone decided to take the fallen flowers and place them on all of the statuettes in the hub. How cute!!

    And now some shots of Sleeping Beauty Castle... because there can never be enough shots of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

    THE END!
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