• Can you see Big Thunder Mountain from Town Square? Yep! Juxtapositions! A new series of side by side contrasts!

    In taking pictures around the parks from week to week, you come to see the same perspectives over and over again. Same old construction shots of the newest attraction being built, same old construction walls around attractions in refurbishment.

    Sometimes in the search for something new, you come across something you've never really noticed before and that's when you get something truly interesting. With this new series, we hope to bring every week a different look at Disneyland through various juxtapositions.

    With our inaugural edition, I decided to start with something you can only see briefly and from just the right spot on Main Street, it's Big Thunder Mountain! As you can see with the framing of the picture this photo was taken in Town Square on Main Street just in front of the Main Street Opera House!

    About "Juxtapositions!"
    By definition, juxtaposition is the placement of two items side by side. It's a word that is usually used in terms of comparison or contrast and at the Disney Parks there's a whole lot of it! Disneyland is chock full of juxtapositions of thematic elements. From towering mountains visible from across the park to vistas that naturally lend themselves to see across several lands at once. Sometimes they're obvious and sometimes you have to look hard to see them. With this series, we hope to give you a different perspective of Disneyland through various juxtapositions!
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