• A "bird's-eye view" of Tower of Terror - Juxtapositions! A series of side by side contrasts

    A new year is on the horizon and for DCA it's a whole new park is just around the corner, too! With most expansion construction slated to end in 2012, it will be a new era for the California themed park. As part of the changes, the PT Flea pin shop is now but a distant memory. Currently it sits near Goofy's Sky School as an overflow dining area for Paradise Garden Grill. But just a few years ago, PT Flea's was itself a remnant of a former existence. The building formerly housed Santa Rosa Seed and Supply selling gardening supplies.

    When "a bugs land" opened in 2002, the location became known as PT Flea's, selling pins and pin accessories. Although over-sized elements were placed inside the shop to help it fit into the bug-sized world, many of the thematic elements remained untouched from its former incarnation. This is when a bit of creative perspective allowed for an interesting juxtaposition.

    Today's image features a bird house at PT Flea's with Tower of Terror off in the distance poking up above the farmland of Bountiful Valley Farm.

    About "Juxtapositions!"
    By definition, juxtaposition is the placement of two items side by side. It's a word that is usually used in terms of comparison or contrast and at the Disney Parks there's a whole lot of it! Disneyland is chock full of juxtapositions of thematic elements. From towering mountains visible from across the park to vistas that naturally lend themselves to see across several lands at once. Sometimes they're obvious and sometimes you have to look hard to see them. With this series, we hope to give you a different perspective of Disneyland through various juxtapositions!
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