• It's more fun when there's "Lots To Do In Line: Disneyland" by Meredith L. Pierce

    The good folks at The Intrepid Traveler publishing house are no strangers to Disney travel. In fact, a few of their books are available for purchase at both Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort.

    Perhaps you've heard of Steven M. Barrett's HIDDEN MICKEYS?

    Those popular yellow books are a main-stay for the avid TravelEAR (that's what we call Disney vacationers) encouraging them to be on the lookout for the illusive hidden silhouette of Mickey Mouse. The handy travel books are a great way to help stay distracted from long-lines in the Disney Parks.

    It's no surprise, then, that another book to help pass the time at Disney has been released by The Intrepid Traveler. "Lots To Do In Line: Disneyland" written by author Meredith L. Pierce promises to be just as much a mainstay for upping the fun on a Disney trip as the other books from this collection.

    Basically, no one likes to stand and wait. That's a given for just about anyone at a Disney Park and that is the mantra under which this book operates. In approximately the same size as the popular Hidden Mickeys books, this fun activity book makes a great companion piece for the ultimate way to keep the whole family entertained.

    "Lots To Do In Line: Disneyland" is a great field guide for making the time go by quicker (and with more fun) than just standing around and looking at the park guide map. As Price notes herself, everything is more fun when you get points for it and for this book the point system adds incentive and a reason to keep a game going and encourage competition amongst players.

    Since the point of the book is to help pass the time in line, the activities obviously are focused around where you'll find the longest lines… on rides and attractions. The various rides are grouped alphabetically in the “lands” and “areas” found in the official park guidemaps making it easy to cross reference between the official and unofficial maps. Each ride comes with its own set of trivia questions, memory challenges, and find-it clues from which you are able to gain points.

    Another fun way to earn points in the game is with the scavenger hunt style "Collections" which are groupings of different things to look out for that you might find sprinkled all around the parks. This includes objects like (weather vanes), things you can spot on other guests in the park (character t-shirts), and more.

    You can find out more about the book at LotsToDoInLine.com. The website also includes information on how to download their phone app, it carries the exact same fun from the book onto an even more portable application with your phone.

    If you've found every conceivable Hidden Mickey there is at Disneyland and are looking for new ways to spice up passing time in line then "Lot's To Do In Line: Disneyland" by Meredith L. Pierce could be a saving grace for the next upcoming family vacation.
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