• New princess Merida from Pixar's BRAVE to join Disneyland and Magic Kingdom

    Disney announced today the official plans for unveiling Merida, Disney-Pixar's first princess, from the upcoming BRAVE film due out this summer on June 22.

    At Disneyland, a medieval archery tournament will be setup near "it's a small world" and will feature both Merida and the three cubs. It's unclear what sort of technology will be utilized to bring the cubs to life; whether they will be portrayed via hand-puppets or Audio Animatronic similar to the life-size Meeko that debuted several years ago for a brief period at Disney California Adventure.

    Either way, the experience at Disneyland promises to immerse guests in Merida's story by encouraging guests to join her Scottish clan with fun activities and the character meet and greet.

    At Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, a more elaborate Fairytale Garden will be created for Merida where young guests will be invited to engage in archery lessons and other activities until it’s their turn to meet her.

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    In the upcoming Disney•Pixar movie “Brave,” Merida is a headstrong teenager with a vibrant spirit and a softness of heart, struggling to take control of her own destiny. You’ll be able to discover Merida’s story when “Brave” opens in theaters June 22 and, beginning in mid-May, Merida will be coming to Disney Parks in an all-new character greeting experience.

    At Magic Kingdom Park, Merida will appear in Fairytale Garden in a setting inspired by her Scottish Highlands home, where young guests will be invited to engage in archery lessons and other activities until it’s their turn to meet her. Joining Merida will be the three bear cubs from the film, who will no doubt be up to plenty of mischief.

    To prepare for Merida’s arrival, Rapunzel will be moving from Fairytale Garden April 15, to a new spot at the outskirts of Adventureland where she will continue to greet her loyal fans and subjects.

    When visiting Disneyland park in California this summer, Merida and the cubs will find a home away from home near “it’s a small world” in Fantasyland, where guests will also be able to participate in activities inspired by Merida’s story.

    According to Creative Director Reed Jones, “These new play and greet experiences at both parks will immerse our guests in ‘Brave,’ giving them the opportunity to be a part of Merida’s Scottish clan. And we’re all excited to have the bear cubs join Merida with their silly antics, creating a whole new way to bring our beloved Disney Characters to life.”

    “Regardless of where they find Merida,” said Reed, “Guests are really going to fall in love with her and the bears.”
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