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    by Published on 03-25-2013 01:32 PM
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    Disney has entered the competitive cosmetics market with a private label line of products available at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Beautifully Disney captures the glamour of some of Disney's most famous princesses and diva villains. With eye-shadow palettes, lip gloss, nail polish and accessories, the Beautifully Disney line has got you and your face covered.

    I found all of the new Beautifully Disney products to be exceptionally high quality. In particular, the eye-shadow palette performed very well, and it's actually at a lower price point than other well-known products from major brands.
    by Published on 03-24-2013 09:30 PM
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    A great line up of new and classic favorites will come to life when Disney On Ice presents Treasure Trove. The latest show to the Southland from May 1–12 at the Long Beach Arena and Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario.

    Highlighting eight Disney movies and more than 50 Disney characters featured, the show promises a bit of Disney magic for all ages. Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald and Goofy embark on a fun-filled treasure hunt for some of the most popular Disney films ever.

    On the journey, we'll enter the worlds of Rapunzel, Tiana, Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Mulan, and of course, the one who started it all, Snow White. We'll also set sail with Peter Pan, trekk the wilds of Africa with Simba, Nala, Pumbaa and Timon and then set very important date with Alice & the Mad Hatter.
    by Published on 03-23-2013 09:00 PM
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    Disney Pixar has made a killing on the CARS TOONS mini featurettes over the past few years including the Mater's Tall Tales sets. Now, Disney Video is featuring some new Cars Toons Shorty Shorts, each runs no longer than a minute and a half offering a quick peek into the world of “Cars.”

    The first three to be released included "Hiccups," "Bugged," and "Spinning." The new Cars Toons Shorty Shorts are directed by Jeremy Lasky and produced by Mary Alice Drumm.
    by Published on 03-23-2013 06:36 PM
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    Disneyland Resort Annual Passholders who book a 2-night or longer stay now through May 18, 2013 get discounted rates and a free Character Dining experience! Simply book a room at a Disneyland Resort Hotel for stays on most nights April 7 - May 22, 2013 and you qualify for 15 - 20% off room rates plus a single meal (for everyone in your reservation) at one of the several character dining locations around the Resort.
    by Published on 03-23-2013 04:12 PM
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    The 24th annual America’s Family Pet Expo returns April 19-21, 2013 to the OC Fair and Event Center in Costa Mesa. The event promises to boast more than 1,000 animals on display including cats, dogs, fish, rabbits, miniature horses, and exotic lizards.
    • General Admission: $13.00
    • Seniors 60 and over: $11.00.
    • Children 6-12: $8.00
    • 5 yrs and under: free
    • Parking: $5.
    The expo kindly requests that visitors leave all pets at home as they will not be allowed into the event.
    by Published on 03-23-2013 09:00 AM
    1. TravelEAR Abroad
    Article Preview

    Welcome back, travelEARS! Today we celebrate the arrival of spring by taking you on an outdoor adventure! Welcome to Elephant Lodge.

    On the Jungle Cruise you may get up close to elephants like Big Bertha and Little Squirt, but imagine getting that close to real elephants!

    by Published on 03-22-2013 10:50 PM
    Article Preview

    After celebrating its 20th anniversary earlier this year, the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend presented by Cigna is getting even bigger next year and is offering runners another challenge that will be, well, Dopey.

    The 2014 Disney Marathon Weekend, Jan. 8-12, will expand to five days and will include a 10K, along with the Family Fun Run 5K, the Disney Half Marathon, the Disney Marathon and Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge. That creates the opportunity for an unparalleled proposition in the running industry: The Dopey Challenge – running all four timed events in successive days (48.6 miles) for the chance to earn an unprecedented six medals.
    by Published on 03-22-2013 11:39 AM
    1. Scoop
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    Effective tomorrow, the Disney Parks on both coasts will be adopting a new minimum age restriction for children to enter the parks alone. While the Disneyland Resort never had an official policy, the Walt Disney World Resort had a policy that was loosely followed but often varied from park to park.

    Going forward, Cast Members will not allow entrance to any guests who appear to be under 14 years of age without a guardian age 14 or over. Disney has noted that the official policy has not been introduced as a result of any particular incident.
    by Published on 03-22-2013 08:20 AM

    Whether or not you loved OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL, there's one thing that most people who've seen the film seem to agree on: that the opening credits were absolutely stunning! Disney has given fans the opportunity to check out these opening credits with a new video!

    OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL is in theaters now.
    by Published on 03-21-2013 08:09 PM
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    The latest announcement from the Limited Time Magic marketing campaign at the Disneyland Resort is SPRING FLING from March 25 - 30. During this time, guests at Disneyland will be able to meet and greet with the Easter Bunny on Main Street USA and even join him in a bunny hop dance with Mickey and pals.

    At DCA, giant Easter eggs have been hidden throughout the Redwood Creek trail. Pick up your special map for the Wilderness Explorer Egg Hunt and earn a special Spring Egg-tivity Badge. Plus, AP Holders get early entry into DCA to partake in this special activity before the park opens to regualr guests! No pre-registration required!

    Guests can also expect a few extra decorations and possibly some spring goodies to enjoy.
    by Published on 03-21-2013 11:03 AM
    Article Preview

    Walt Disney World Resort recently announced the multi-year transformation of Downtown Disney into Disney Springs, a unique destination that will treat guests to significantly more shopping, dining and entertainment amid beautiful open-air promenades, meandering springs and waterfront charm.
    by Published on 03-21-2013 08:22 AM
    Article Preview

    From baskets and bouquets, to private parties with balloons in your room, to gift cards, the Disney Dream Makers offer exciting gift ideas for any occasion. For the upcoming spring break and Easter season they have a few goodies that you can purchase to up the Disney magic on your Disneyland Resort Hotel stay.
    by Published on 03-21-2013 07:42 AM
    Article Preview

    Disney Vacation Club (DVC) is Disney's best kept secret! That's what they tell you every 10 feet. So one begins to wonder: Who doesn't know about this "secret" yet? You can't cough inside a Disney property without hitting a friendly Cast Member who can show you how to vacation with Disney in perpetuity for a five-figure sum!

    The thing is, DVC is not for everybody. Oh sure, if you're loaded and you know you want to do a Disney vacation every year until you croak it's a real simple decision. For anyone on a budget or with more adventurous travel tastes, the math doesn't always add up.

    Ah but friends, what if I told you that you could enjoy all the fabulous benefits of discounted timeshare stays at Disney's Deluxe Villa resorts without taking out a second mortgage or putting up your E-ticket books up on Ebay? What if Disney's best-kept secret had a best-kept secret of its own?
    by Published on 03-20-2013 04:29 PM
    Article Preview

    Beginning Saturday, May 25, Mickey Mouse will embark on a series of amazing adventures through the magical powers of a sorcerer’s map in “Mickey and the Magical Map,” the all-new live show coming to the Fantasyland Theatre in Disneyland Park.
    by Published on 03-20-2013 03:30 PM
    Article Preview

    Chapman University dedicated a portion of its Leatherby Libraries to Disney Legend and former Disneyland President Jack Lindquist on March 15, recognizing his nearly 20 years of service as a university trustee, and contributions of $100,000 and Disney memorabilia from his personal collection.

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