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    DLR APs Losing Expiration Dates and Photos on Physical Card

    We're hearing that after April 5, APs will no longer be printed with photographs or due dates. Disney recently initiated this similar practice internally with main gate passes for Cast Members which no longer feature expiration dates. The dual coast Premier Pass currently also works this way.

    This is in anticipation of having guests keep their APs from year to year. The information will now be stored digitally only. For the past few years, AP holder may have noticed their faces popping up on the Cast Member monitor at the turnstiles. This will continue to be how they verify that you are using your own AP.

    Disney is also going to be running a test that will give guests the ability to upload their own photos from home to their AP. This is just a test-run of the technology. It is my understanding that you can only upload a photo once and if you mess up you'll have to take care of it at the park.

    Theoretically, what this entails is that wherever Cast Members do not have monitors to verify your digital photo (eg: everywhere but the Main Gate or Parking Structures) you will be required to show photo-ID in combination with your AP to get use of the pass for discounts, etc.

    On the flip side, you'll now be able to receive your AP the second you purchase it without having to go to the AP Processing center first.

    Guests with existing passes issued with photos will be allowed to use them through the printed expiration date.

    Click here for more info!
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