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    Folks, a friendly reminder to please refrain from posting unofficial backstage photos in the future. Further information may be found in our guidelines. Thank you!
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    1foolishmortal....Sorry about that my mistake..thank you for all those that helped...

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    You would be right. DACS controls show controls for attractions for all DHS, DAK, and MK via Wireless Ethernet. DACS also controls entertainment controls for MK. Engineering Central controls entertainment controls for Epcot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KNRG View Post
    Didn't WDW, and in particular Epcot, decentralize show systems around 94-96?

    Computer Central was dismantled, major processes are controlled at the individual pavilions, and Engineering Central only controls whole-park functions like parades/music/lights?

    History-o-Central at Epcot: (with pics!)


    And if you have lots of time, rent the movie DARYL - the computer lab is actually Epcot Central.
    Thanks for the link! I had been to that site before, but never stumbled upon those pages since the navigation there is so screwy. I just wasted a good amount of time reading the inner-workings of UoE. Which I throughly enjoyed doing. I'm such a geek...
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