I know its too early but I just LOVE halloween and halloweentime at disneyland.So here are my ideas for halloween time.

Disneyland line up:

haunted mansion holiday
space mountain ghost galaxy
snow whites scary adventure
river of chaos(jungle cruise)
and two mazes(NOT the kind of mazes you think)

Ok discription time!

haunted mansion holiday:this will return i really dont care about the halloween/christmas mix up

space mountain ghost galaxy:this will also return but please hide those projector screens

snow whites scary adventure:this ride is scary as it is so leave it

river of chaos jungle cruse: basically the story goes that hunter came into the forest disturbing the life in the jungle and the natives disided to put a curse on the river that anybody who comes in the river will have trouble finding there way through so basically the curse does not kill but sabatoges so this kind of ties in with things already there like the gorillas and the men climbing up the poles.Also all lights will be replaced with black lights.There will also be pyrotechnics and fog on the river.There will also be people dressed as natives along the river NOT SCARING PPL but just roaming around spying on you.

IJA:this is already scary sooooooo nuff said

matterhorn: well there will be a couple of frozen skeletons around and thin strings hanging down just to touch you and for it to feel wierd.also blue/green lights will iluminate the mountain and an ocasionally a loud roar (a REALLY loud roar) will come on and strobe lights will come on accompanied by a thunder sound.There will also be a harold meet and greet

POTC: well there will be nun diffrent just a live actor dressed up as davy jones and or the mermaids from the new movie in the cave scene.

ok mazes not really mazes just sort of highly decorated meet and greet trails I have so many ideas for this but I belive to many of these might be over kill.

So please post ideas below ill do the Dca ideas 2morrow