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    Save Christmas for Disneyland From turning into a private christmas party next year!

    I’m beginning to concern about next year’s Christmas at Disneyland. According to Al Lutz, he said that next year Disneyland is no longer open for the regular guests for Christmas. The TDA(Team Disney Anaheim) is going to turn into a private christmas party for guests has to pay extra for tickets to see our favorite holiday entertainment like Christmas Fantasy Parade and Believe In Holiday Magic fireworks, like they did at WDW.

    Here’s the proof for more information: http://micechat.com/14004-miceage-disneyland-christmas-extra/

    Al Lutz thinks we’re the guests losers to stop them. Not if we Disneyland fans can do about it. Because it’s never too late to stop those greedy TDA to ruin next year’s Christmas at Disneyland. This maybe rumor and it’s not confirmed yet, but like I said, it’s never too late to make them change their mind. If you don’t want our beloved Disneyland to turn their Christmas into private Christmas party that we won’t be able to see Christmas Fantasy Parade and Believe Holiday Fireworks show, here’s my professional advice:

    Go to the official Disneyland website and e-mail them that you don’t want their Christmas tradition into a private party next year. Then, copy the same address as seen from above and attached it into your message so they’ll know what are you talking about. Or in other words, paste the address seen from above into you’re message. Also, feel free to share your experience about going to Disneyland on Christmastime.

    Here’s the link to make it go faster: https://disneyland.disney.go.com/help/email/

    But before you send e-mail to Disneyland, I have a rule. Do not make any extreme threats and do not put any swear words, because that’s not going work. You can beg, but don’t make any threats. Good luck and save next year’s christmas for Disneyland.

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    I hope it's just a rumor and nothing more. I didn't see any sources cited by Mr. Lutz or any indications as to where he got his information from. If it is true, then it makes me sad. I went for Christmas to Disneyland a couple of times and loved the decorations and fireworks.

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    I hope it's not true but it seems logical that is the likely course they will take. Look how small Halloween began to where it's at now. Their making bank and with a much larger Christmastime following, they will make a LOT more... And will still likely keep their AP base in spite of hurt feelings. I believe pay-for-Christmas is on the menu next year.
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    Oh that's too bad. It would be nice if they could have a Christmas party that had an extra special fireworks display. This way it would not take away from the regular Christmas fireworks that everyone expects to see.
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