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    Finding the Mouse... "HIDDEN MICKEYS!" by Steven M. Barrett

    Long time readers will remember a few years back that MouseInfo reviewed two great books by author Steve M. Barrett, Hidden Mickeys and Disneyland’s Hidden Mickeys. The popular books chronicle an unofficial listing of the various hidden Mickeys you can find around the Disney Parks. Today, we’re proud to present the two newest editions!

    Although these sets of books are unofficial guides to finding the trio of familiar circles, they can actually be found for purchase within the Disney Parks themselves! You can find them in various shops throughout either the Disneyland or Walt Disney World Resorts, usually wherever books are sold.

    As highlighted in the books, the relatively recent phenomenon of hidden Mickeys is believed to have begun as an inside joke by Disney Imagineers during the building of EPCOT Center at Walt Disney World in Florida.

    Some Hidden Mickeys aren’t very obvious!

    Since then, Imagineers have intentionally begun to hide Mickey (silhouettes, the classic geometric shapes, or even physical representations of the character) all around the parks.

    No territory or realm is safe from the hunt! Intentionally created or not, hidden Mickeys can be found all over the place: in rock work, on props, in wallpaper patterns, on rides, in queues, and even in the architecture!

    Many Disney enthusiasts are probably quite aware of various online websites and guides to finding the Mickeys and may question why owning a hard copy of the book would be necessary when the information can be acquired for free.

    Double Take! Sometimes it’s a full-color dimensional Mickey!

    First of all, what you get here is a guarantee that the Mickeys are visually confirmed. Also, the listings follow a relatively thorough checklist of requirements to mandate a “true” hidden Mickey.

    What’s also great about the book is that it is conveniently portable. The dimensions of the book are about roughly that of the park maps so you can tuck your park map inside the book to keep it safe and so that you don’t lose it!

    The most unique feature about these books though is that they feature a fun play-along Scavenger Hunt to track your progress of finding the Mickeys. Whether it’s your first time to the parks or if you’re an Annual Passholder looking to find every single one, this book is a safe bet for any Disney enthusiast.

    There’s a mouse in your drink!

    Kid’s undoubtedly get a kick out of trying to find the various Mickeys and it’s a fun way for the whole family to play along and pass the time while waiting in line or waiting for a Fastpass window to open!

    Don’t feel shy about lugging around the bright yellow book with you, keep a keen eye open and you’re bound to see other travelers holding out their book and looking for Mickey, too!

    The books are broken up into sections with short clues on where you might find a Hidden Mickey. The clues are broken up by park and within that, are broken down in a relatively decent route on exploring the park from morning through closing! Each park includes a map with a listing of all the rides to help you on your quest.

    The book doesn’t leave you high-and-dry to find the Mickey’s yourself. If you’re more interested in actually just finding the Mickey’s there’s also an entire Hints section for each park which breaks down each of the Clues with a more descriptive note on where to find the lovable mouse.

    Hidden Mickeys are on the rides too!

    Whether you use or give this book as a gift its uses are plentiful and the best part is it’s a great gift for ANYBODY who is going to a Disney Park. Whether it’s to help keep the little ones alert, a tool to help the “been there done that“ avid Park-going Annual Passholder, or for a first-time visiting family, this book can only enhance what is sure to be a fun and exciting day at Disney.

    The Disney World Version, which covers Hidden Mickeys in all four parks and surrounding areas of the Resort is a full 253 pages and retails for $12.95. The Disneyland Resort version which has much less ground to cover (literally!), weighs in at 118 pages and can be picked up for $9.95.

    So we’ve established that this is a great buy for everybody, the only piece left is to make sure you buy the right one! The original Hidden Mickeys (now in its fourth edition) and the more recent Disneyland’s Hidden Mickeys (now in its second edition) are a great gift idea and a quite reasonably priced one at that! And what do you know, it fights quite perfectly in a stocking! It's never too early to start that Christmas shopping!

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