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    D23's 20th Anniversary Of The Rocketeer

    The El Capitan played host to the 20th Anniversary screening of The Rocketeer.

    During the event we were not allowed to film or take pictures, but after we were given the oppurtinuty to ask the crew a few questions. Bill Campbell and Director Joe Johnston talking about thier time on the set.

    Each sharing an experience about the film.

    Talking about Rocketeer creator Dave Stevens.

    Bill Campbell being made fun of on kissing Jennifer

    Panel host Kevin Smith posing for a picture.

    Inside the Hollywood Museaum where they had Rocketeer archives, I found these two hanging around!

    The elevator going up to the fourth floor. So neat!

    Original movie poster for The Rocketeer

    The Hoover vaccum cleaner that the FBI thought was the rocket.

    Rocketeer memoriablia.

    The model plane used in the film.

    Model of statue used to test the rocket.

    A peak inside the actual jet pack X-3.

    Rocketeer costume worn by Bill Campbell.

    Dress worn by Jennifer Connelly.

    Another outfit showing debris on it.

    The X-3 pack with the bullett hole in it.

    Poster advertising the air circus.

    Another Rocketeer movie poster.

    Bill Farmer (voice of Goofy) and Becky Cline (director of the Disney Archives).

    Nftysqrt and Tiny Ron who portrayed Lothar.

    Hello Rocketeer!

    Disney Historian Tim O'Day and Nftysqrt.

    We were given a souvineer program and patch for attending the D23 event!

    THE END!



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    I soooo wish I could have been there! Great stuff Nfty!
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