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    MouseInfo Community Rules and Guidelines

    MouseInfo Community Rules and Guidelines

    If members are found to be in violation of these community guidelines, moderators may remove—or otherwise alter—postings and send warnings or infractions. Extreme or repetitive violations may result in loss of community privileges or membership including permanent user account banning. Members should alert moderators by using the "Report Post" function to report posts that are offensive, harassing, or break these Community Rules and Guidelines.

    Be Honest: When registering, avoid choosing a user name with the explicit intention of impersonating another person. When posting, be as clear and transparent about your concerns, opinions, and intentions as possible. Also, using multiple personalities is not allowed, pick a name and stick with it!

    Stay on Topic: When posting, please try to keep your comments consistent with the content being discussed in that thread. It is not uncommon for threads to take brief logical tangents that will when necessary be driven back to the main topic by Moderators. If a post is off topic, moderators have the right to remove or change it. The Kickback Cafe area is intended for discussing anything but Disney and is a catch-all arena for discussions that may not fit anywhere else.

    Watch your Language: All discussions (posts, PMs, etc) should be free from profanities and obscene or racist remarks. Certain words may and will be filtered by our automatic filtering software. If your post contains blanked out words using asterisks, your post has been censored. Please do not try to unmask profanity using alternate symbols or letters—they are blocked for a reason! In addition, it is against the rules to link to websites or other sources where such obscenities can be seen or heard.

    Be Considerate: Feel free to engage in a spirited discussion or disagree with the opinions of other members, but please avoid personal attacks or insults towards other members. This practice is sometimes called "trolling" or "flaming" and can disrupt community participation and information sharing. Attacks and trolling may lead to a warning and, after repeat offenses, suspension or banning.

    Ads Not Allowed: Unsolicited advertisements, promotions, and auctions are not allowed on MouseInfo. Solicitations by email or otherwise, commonly known as "SPAM," (Short, Pointless, or Annoying Messages) are not allowed and can lead to immediate suspension or banning.

    Copyrighted Material: Please refrain from using any material that is protected by copyright unless you are the copyright holder or have written permission from the copyright owner. Whenever possible or necessary please do cite sources for information and/or photographs that you are sharing that you yourself did not create.

    Furthermore, to stay within set governmental guidelines and out of respect for artists and copyright holders, MouseInfo requires that members not discuss the illegal sharing or means of distribution of copyrighted material (including but not limited to movies, music and software) nor of "bootlegs" of proprietary, illegally obtained, or any other form of copyrighted information & media.

    In addition, photos that were taken by breaking guest conduct codes in the Disneyland Resort (including but not limited to stepping into "backstage" areas or standing on benches/trashcans/handrails) are strictly forbidden and will not be allowed on the site. Please contact a moderator if you have questions about this very important guideline.

    Sharing Agreement: Please note that anything that is posted on MouseInfo forums is subject to being read, reused, reposted, and/or republished on the site including the MouseInfo homepage. Please note, that images and other intellectual property will NOT be used on the MouseInfo homepage without permission of the author/owner. MouseInfo, at no point, claims ownership of third-party intellectual property and credit is always given when and where due.

    Please use the Contact Us form if any of your intellectual property is being used on MouseInfo without permission and action will be taken soon as possible. MouseInfo makes absolutely no claims to the validity of shared information nor does MouseInfo claim ownership of any such shared information and intellectual property.

    About the MI Boards Moderating Team
    Moderators oversee the forum. They generally have the ability (and right) to edit and delete posts, move threads, and perform other manipulations as necessary. Moderators have the right to issue warnings or suspensions depending on the severity of the infractions. If you have any problems with the actions taken by moderators, please feel free to contact an MI Lead.

    About the MI Boards Discussion Forums
    The MouseInfo discussion forums are designed as an open forum for members to share opinions and interest for everything Disney as well as the entertainment industry as a whole. MouseInfo is intended to be a destination for all fans to assemble within a friendly, welcoming, environment.

    Posting in public areas of MouseInfo implies that you've read and agreed to the terms listed herein and agree that such postings are bound to these guidelines above. You also acknowledge that these Policies and Guidelines are subject to change without prior notice.
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