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Special Tips

Location: Golden State.
Ride Type: Interactive walk-through exhibit.
Height Req.: None.
Fastpass: No.
Single Rider: No.
Child Swap: No.
Avg. Wait*: None to get in but various offerings inside may have varying waits.
Ride Length: Your own pace.
Vehicle Capacity: More than 50 people fit inside at once.
Operating Hours: Park opening to park closing.
*Wait times my vary widely on a number of factors including crowd levels, showtimes, and hour of the day.

Fun Facts

  • This attraction opened October 20, 2008.
  • When it first opened, WDI promised that exhibits would be constantly rotated as the construction throughout the park shifted focus from one attraction to the next. True to their word, the Blue Sky Cellar was closed for a few days in mid-July of 2009 to shift the focus away from Toy Story Midway Mania! towards the World of Color water spectacular set to debut in March of 2010.
  • This attraction replaced “Seasons of the Vine,” an original from opening day. The attraction consisted of a 7-minute overview of the winemaking process. In the years leading up to its closure, the attracting saw a steady decline of guests and was rarely ever opened to the public, often being used for private events. It closed officially in March of 2008.

Safety and Accessibility

  • Safety Considerations: None.
  • Wheelchair Accessible: Yes. Guests may remain in wheelchair or ECV to experience this attraction.
  • Hearing Disability Services: No.
  • Visual Disability Services: No.
  • Service Animals: Allowed.


The new video shown in the lobby that features World of Color. The updated video debuted on July 16, 2009.
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Attraction Details

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