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Club 33 is a private club at Disneyland.

Membership Details

Being a member of Club 33 includes a variety of perks.

  • Personalized itinerary planning with Club 33 Member Services
  • Exclusive and special access experiences within the Disneyland Resort:
    • Club 33 Restaurant
    • 1901 Restaurant
    • Magic Mornings
    • 5 VIP Tours per year
    • Hotel upgrades & concierge lounge access
    • Six (6) immediate use Fastpass tickets pre visit to the Disneyland Resort
    • Complimentary Valet parking
  • Four (4) Disney Premiere Passports
  • Complimentary tickets and discounted tickets
    • 50 complimentary tickets
    • 20% discount on additional Disney Premiere Passports or Premium Annual Passports for immediate family members
    • 20% discount on additional admission tickets for guest use
  • Club 33 merchandise
    • Ability to purchase Club 33 branded items and limited edition items
    • Welcome gift upon initiation and annual gift upon renewal of Membership
  • Access to special event dinners (additional fees apply)

Membership Cost

One time initiation fee: $25,000. Yearly dues: $10,000.