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In the mood for a unique tour of the Rivers of America? Davy Crockett's Explorer Canoes offer that chance as you row around Pirate's Lair on Tom Sawyer Island.


Special Tips

Location: Critter Country.
Ride Type: Real canoe ride in the river.
Height Req.: None .
Fastpass: No.
Single Rider: No.
Child Swap: No.
Avg. Wait*: 5-10 minutes.
Ride Length: About 15 minutes to circumnavigate Tom Sawyer Island.
Vehicle Capacity: 16 people per canoe plus two river guides.
Operating Hours: Park opening to about dusk. Typically only run during busier periods.
*Wait times my vary widely on a number of factors including crowd levels, showtimes, and hour of the day.
  • This attraction closes at dusk so make sure to ask a Cast Member at the location or check the sign at the entrance for the exact closing time.
  • The canoes also operate seasonally. They may be closed during your visit.
  • There are two different types of paddles, one for adults and one for children.
  • Children may need to wear lifevests during the voyage. These are handed out in the queue.

Fun Facts

  • This attraction opened on May 19, 1971.
  • This attraction originally opened on July 4, 1956 as the Indian War Canoes.
  • Disneyland Park and Tokyo Disneyland are the only Disney parks to continue offering canoe attractions. Similar attractions closed in both Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris in 1994.
  • The canoes are not on a track. This is the only Disneyland attraction propelled by the power of guests!
  • In the 1950s, Fess Parker, the star of the Davy Crockett TV series, was a frequent visitor to Disneyland.
  • During your journey, be sure to look up once and a while from your oar for animals or surprises that may be lurking in the woods.
  • The Emmy-winning Davy Crockett TV series starring Fess Parker, a national craze in the late 1950's, consisted of only five total episodes!

Safety and Accessibility

  • Safety Considerations: Some manual work is required in order to operate the canoes.
  • Wheelchair Accessible: No. Guests must be able to transfer from wheelchair or ECV to experience this attraction. Guests must negotiate steps when boarding and disembarking the canoe and also maintain their balance when stepping in or out of the canoe.
  • Hearing Disability Services: No.
  • Visual Disability Services: No.
  • Service Animals: Allowed.


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Attraction Details

This attraction was originally called "Indian War Canoes" and opened in 1956 as part of Frontierland's Indian Village Expansion, complete with Native American guides who helmed the boats.

In 1971, the canoes were re-themed around Davy Crockett to be politically correct. The current boats are made of fiberglass and is now considered to be part of Critter Country.

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