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Climb aboard for "a grand circle tour of Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom" with stops in New Orleans Square, Mickey's Toontown and Tomorrowland. See the Grand Canyon Diorama and the Primeval World! Or, use the train as transportation from one land to another.


Special Tips

Location: Main Street, USA, New Orleans Square, Mickey's Toontown, and Tomorrowland.
Ride Type: Train ride.
Height Req.: None.
Fastpass: No.
Single Rider: No.
Child Swap: No.
Avg. Wait*: 10-20 minutes.
Ride Length: About 25 minutes for a complete roundtrip.
Ride Capacity: Depending on the train, up to 40-50 people per car. There's typically five cars per train.
Operating Hours: Park opening to park closing.
*Wait times my vary widely on a number of factors including crowd levels, showtimes, and hour of the day.

Main Street Station

  • This is the only one of the four stations in Disneyland that is NOT wheelchair accessible.
  • If you enter Disneyland Park and find the parade or fireworks in progress simply jump aboard the train to avoid crowds to make it to your destination.
  • When you enter the station, you can either head to the left or right. Loading occurs from both sides so be sure to check which side has a shorter wait for quicker boarding!
  • If you can, stop and enjoy the historic displays inside the station.
  • A little known gem about the Railroad is the Lily Bell Parlor Car which, when running, is at the end of one of the trains. This parlor car is not open to the general public but if you ask politely at the Main Street Train Station, you might just get a special ride aboard! Boarding is not guaranteed however and you can only board from the Main Street Station for a grand-circle (roundtrip) tour. You can learn more about the Lily Belle in the Attraction Details section.
  • Another fun little gem is that you can ride in the tender on the Disneyland Railroad! Like the Lily Belle, however, seating is not guaranteed, you can only board from the Main Street Station, and you must board for the grand-circle (roundtrip) tour. Also, due to space limitations, seating on the tender is limited to just two people. You can learn more about the tender in the Attraction Details section.

All Stations

  • Use the Disneyland Railroad to go from land to land. The train stops in or near most lands in the park. This will not usually be the fastest way to get around, however, but can be useful for cross-park trips.
  • You may stay on the train as long as you like and enjoy the view of the park.

Fun Facts

  • This attraction opened on July 17, 1955. It’s an opening day original!
  • The Disneyland Railroad is inspired by Walt Disney's love of trains. He had a miniature railroad in his own backyard called the Carolwood Pacific.
  • When tickets were required to ride attractions the railroad ticket was a long strip and the conductor punched the ticket at each station.
  • Look for artifacts of Walt Disney's personal railroad on display in the Main Street, U.S.A. station.
  • At the New Orleans Square Station, the small building across from the loading platform is the original loading station for the train. If you know morse code, listen carefully to the telegraph taps coming from the station, Walt Disney’s opening day dedication is what you’ll hear!
  • Between the Tomorrowland and Main Street, U.S.A. stations is a diorama that was originally built for the 1964-1965 New York's World Fair. It features stunning views of the Grand Canyon today and a pre-historic canyon roaming with dinosaurs.

Safety and Accessibility

  • Safety Considerations: None.
  • Wheelchair Accessible: Yes, except for the Main Street Station which has numerous steps to climb to reach the boarding platform. Wheelchairs must be folded and placed onboard the train or left at the bottom of the stairs at this station until Guests return from their round-trip. Only stations in New Orleans Square, Mickey's Toontown, and Tomorrowland are accessible via a ramp. Wheelchairs can be accommodated onboard the last car of the train from these locations.
  • Hearing Disability Services: No.
  • Visual Disability Services: No.
  • Service Animals: Allowed.


CK Holliday pulling into New Orleans Square Station


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Attraction Details

From the earliest designs of Disneyland, one thing was always a constant: the train. In each piece of concept art, there was a train that circled the park. This was because Walt loved trains and he wanted to have one in his park.

It would serve two vital purposes: taking guests around the park and keeping guests from seeing the outside world.

The train tracks are elevated. Not only does this make transportation around the park less of a hassle to guests, but serves as the park's "berm". The berm helps make Disneyland seem separated from the outside world.

The original railroad used 2 trains, one being a passenger train and the other being a freight train. Pasing track were also incorporated, but since then have been used for themeing purpose and are not functional. Today, it's common for three or four trains to be running each day, especially on busy days. Cars today mostly face to the right to allow optimum viewing for the Grand Canyon and Primeval World dioramas.

Throughout the railroad's history, the tracks have been moved to allow for expansion, most notably for New Orleans Square. The Grand Canyon portion of the ride was added in 1958, and the Primeval World was added in 1966.

On June 23, 2005, Disneyland officially welcomed engine No. 5, the Ward Kimball, with an official dedication.

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