Fantasyland (Disneyland Resort)

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Fantasyland is home to the magical worlds of storybook fantasies. Relive the exciting and enchanting moments of your favorite classics including Peter Pan, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Pinocchio!

Find a magical feather that makes an elephant fly or take a daring journey to no-where in particular or you might even just find yourself eye to eye with a terrifying yeti. Fantasyland is in itself a magical, mystical, Wonderland!






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Notable Areas

Sleeping Beauty Castle
The central icon for Disneyland park.
Parade Route
One end of the Disneyland Parade Route begins/ends here. The other ends in Main Street, USA.
Snow White Grotto
This calming area, located on the east-side of the castle, is an escape from the crowds. Calming waterfalls, shooting fountains, and a wishing well make up the area while marble statues of Snow White and the Steven Dwarves gleam in the natural landscape.
Sword in the Stone
The famous sword of legend can be found in front of King Arthur Carrousel.

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