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FastPass is a system used at all of Disney's theme parks to help alleviate your time waiting in line. It allows you to experience other offerings during the time you would have otherwise spent in line. Both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure offer FastPass.


How to Use It

1. Find FastPass.

Upon arriving at a participating attraction, locate the special queue for FastPass Distribution. See below for a full list of FastPass attractions.

2. Insert Ticket, Get FastPass.

Insert your park ticket into a FastPass Machine; you will receive a special FastPass ticket with a specific Return Time. This predetermined 1-hour window of time (anywhere from an hour to a few hours later in the day) is when you can return to enter the Fastpass Queue.

Each person can only obtain one FastPass at a time. A new FastPass (for the same or any other participating atraction) can be retrieved after the start of your current FastPass's Return Time or after two hours, which ever comes first.

3. Use It.

Anytime after your Return Time has begun, return to Fastpass Queue of the attraction where you got your FastPass. Simply present your FastPass ticket to the Cast Member to be admitted into the attraction. You must relinquish your FastPass in order to gain entrance to the attraction.

Fastpass Attractions

The following attractions are equipped with FastPass.

Disneyland Park

Disney California Adventure Park

† Attractions marked above with dagger do not offer Fastpass daily. These attractions usually only offer Fastpass during peak times and/or on weekends and holidays.

** The Haunted Mansion only offers FastPass for the holiday layover, Haunted Mansion Holiday.


Special Tips

  • FastPasses DO NOT expire throughout the day. Although you are encouraged to use your FastPass during the Return Time, you CAN use your FastPass at any point AFTER the Return Time. You cannot use your FastPass before the Return Time.
  • FastPass is also not linked between parks. You can theoretically grab a FastPass for a Disneyland Park attraction and then hop over to Disney California Adventure to get another FastPass for an attraction there.
  • Although the FastPass system only allows you to hold one active FastPass at a time, Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin is not connected to the FastPass system. This means that even though you may be holding a yet-unexpired FastPass for Space Mountain, you can still grab a FastPass for Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin.
  • FastPass is not available when an attraction temporarily closes. For instance, it is not uncommon for attractions to close temporarily during the day. During this time, FastPass machines are turned off.
  • You don't relinquish your FastPass to the Cast Member at the entrance so be sure to keep it handy until you're farther along in the queue.


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