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The doors are open and you can come run, jump, climb, and play in and around the whacky home and backyard of Toontown's Goofiest resident.


Special Tips

Location: Mickey's Toontown.
Ride Type: Walk-through and playground.
Height Req.: None.
Fastpass: No.
Single Rider: No.
Child Swap: No.
Avg. Wait*: None.
Ride Length: Your own pace.
Ride Capacity: A few dozen people may explore the area at once.
Operating Hours: Opens and closes with Mickey’s Toontown which opens about an hour after park opening and closes about an hour before the fireworks.
*Wait times my vary widely on a number of factors including crowd levels, showtimes, and hour of the day.
  • The playground portion of Goofy’s backyard may be closed on hot days due to high temperatures of the play equipment.
  • Goofy may sometimes be spotted at his house for pictures and autographs.

Fun Facts

  • This attraction opened with Mickey's Toontown on January 24, 1993.
  • The attraction is also at Tokyo Disneyland which opened on April 15, 1996. The version in Tokyo, however, is still a Bounce House with air-inflated furniture.
  • Goofy’s Garden is a rather “punny” garden; be on the lookout for various sight gags with his produce including stalks of pop-corn, “water" melon, and “bell” peppers.

Safety and Accessibility

  • Safety Considerations: None.
  • Wheelchair Accessible: Yes. Guests may remain in wheelchair or ECV to experience this attraction.
  • Hearing Disability Services: No.
  • Visual Disability Services: No.
  • Service Animals: Allowed.


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Attraction Details

On the hill behind Goofy’s home is a jack-o-lantern patch with carved pumpkins still growing on the vine. Be on the lookout for a special pumpkin carved in homage to Jack Lindquist. Working his way up in various corporate roles in advertising for the Disney theme parks, Lindquist became the Disneyland Park President in 1990. He retired three years later on Mickey Mouse’s 65th birthday: November 18, 1993.

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