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Jack Skellington and the citizens of Halloweentown have taken over the Haunted Mansion. Scary Christmas to all and to all a good night!


Special Tips

Location: New Orleans Square.
Ride Type: Slow-moving dark ride.
Height Req.: None.
Fastpass: Yes.
Single Rider: No.
Child Swap: No.
Avg. Wait*: 45-60 minutes.
Ride Length: 5 minutes.
Ride Capacity: 2 to 3 bodies per doombuggy.
Operating Hours: Park opening to park closing.
*Wait times my vary widely on a number of factors including crowd levels, showtimes, and hour of the day.
  • Utilize FastPass for a shorter wait.
  • The ride itself is gentle, but young children may be frightened by the special effects.
  • At one point, near the front of the Mansion at the pet cemetery, the queue forks into two separate queues. Unless one of the pathways is chained off, head for the shorter side even if you don’t see anybody nearby. Often times, people hesitate and simply stay behind the person in front of them making for a shorter queue on the other side. You might end up passing more than a dozen of people in line! If both sides are equal, take the right fork, it’s a bit shorter.
  • Ride during Fantasmic! or the fireworks for a shorter wait.

Fun Facts

  • Haunted Mansion Holiday premiered in September 2001. It proved to be so popular that it now runs through both Halloween Time and the holiday season.
  • The transformation of the attraction from Haunted Mansion into Haunted Mansion Holiday is done in just 18 days.
  • There are more than 400 flickering candles and 100 jack-o-lanterns that illuminate the attraction's exterior.
  • The Graveyard scene features 7,500 feet of fresh snow is used each year, 1,300 Christmas lights and at least 200 yards of the custom black ribbon.
  • Tokyo Disneyland has its own version entitled Haunted Mansion Holiday Nightmare. A Walt Disney World version has been rumored for years but has never come to fruition.
  • Veteran Disney voice actor Corey Burton voices the Ghost Host in the new narration. Burton is also the official voice of Captain Hook.

Safety and Accessibility

  • Safety Considerations: None.
  • Wheelchair Accessible: No. Guests must be able to transfer from wheelchair or ECV to experience this attraction. A special transfer-accessible vehicle is available to allow easier transfer from wheelchair to attraction vehicle.
  • Hearing Disability Services: No.
  • Visual Disability Services: No.
  • Service Animals: Allowed.


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Attraction Details

Many changes have been made to the attraction’s soundtrack since its debut in 2001. “Scarols” originally adorned the queue area; they were a play on famous Christmas carols, but done up in Nightmare style. The original soundtrack for the attraction (composed by Gordon Goodwin) featured a “Sream-A-Long” segment.

After Danny Elfman redid the score in 2002, the “Scream-A-Long” officially disappeared. Unofficially, though, you can still hear the “Grim Grinning Ghosts come out to Socialize!” in the Stretching Room and the Graveyard; that musical cue was the guests’ cue to scream as loud as they could.

For the 2003 season, Oogie Boogie was added in various shapes and forms throughout the Mansion. Most notably, an Audio-Animatronic of him was added near the end of the attraction where the hitch-hiking ghosts would normally appear.

Many of the Oogie Boogie tributes, including the Audio-Animatronic, can still be seen in the current version of the attraction. A narration by Oogie Boogie was also added to accompany Sally at the attraction’s exit, but the original Sally narration has since been restored.

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