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Main Street, USA is an iconic land that can be found in every single Disneyland style park. This land is modeled after a quaint turn of the 19th century midwestern town. It is loosely based on the Marceline, Missouri hometown of Walt Disney himself.

Many of the buildings on Main Street feature faux business names but the proprietors of each of the businesses are real people. The Windows of Main Street are given as an honor to people who have contributed significantly to the Disney company and most usually to the Disney Parks themselves.





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Notable Areas

Central Plaza / Hub
This is the area between Main Street, USA and Sleeping Beauty Castle. It is the hub of Disneyland with "spokes" leading out to the various lands of the park. The center is marked by the Partners Statue which features Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse hand in hand.
City Hall
This is the general Guest Relations area which is the place to be if you need assistance, have questions, want a Birthday Button, want a Birthday call from Goofy, etc.
Disney Wish Lounge
This special private area is reserved for use when Disney is hosting a Make A Wish Foundation family or participant.
Disneyland Main Entrance
Although technically its own separate area, the Disneyland Main Entrance leads you into Fantasyland under the train tracks.
Town Square
This is the general area at the front of Main Street after crossing under the train tacks from the Main Entrance. It is denoted by the square quad area created by the buldings around it. A flagpole marks the center.
Parade Route
One end of the Disneyland Parade Route begins/ends here. The other ends in Fantasyland.
Plaza Gardens Stage
A red and white stripped canopy rises above near Sleeping Beauty Castle at the end of Main Street. Live music can usually be heard here throughout the day.
Plaza Pavilion
This area is used for Annual Pass processing. It is also used as a dedicated pin-trading area.

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