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When adding pictures to MouseInfo, you agree that you either took the photo yourself or that you are using the image with written permission from the author/owner.

This page is a listing of users who give permission for images in their MouseInfo Gallery to be used on MouseInfo. This makes them Approved Galleries.

Approved Galleries

The list below is of MouseInfo Image Galleries that are approved for use on the site. Feel free to add your own!

Note: Only images uploaded to the (MouseInfo Galleries) can be used on MouseInfo. Images not hosted on the MouseInfo galleries will NOT show up on the page.

Adding Your Gallery, in no way at any point, claims ownership of any content (including but not limited to photos, text, or video) posted to the site. Please see our MouseInfo:Terms_of_Use for more information.

If you'd like to make any your image galleries available for use on feel free to add your gallery to the list below!

First and foremost, you will need to have an Image Gallery! You can upload your Disney related photos to the galleries. Uploading your photos does NOT automatically mean they are up for grabs!

In order to officially grant permission for the use of your Image Gallery, you'll need to list it on this page. To list your Gallery, you'll need to know your UserID Number and have the following URL:

Your UserID Number goes at the end of this URL to make the unique URL to your image gallery. For instance, the UserID Number for dlfreak is 4127. Adding that UserID to the end of the URL will create a link to his image Gallery: