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How to Edit MouseInfo > Conventions

MouseInfo Guide Pages are a trip planning tool. All the information on a page should be to aid in making the most out of a visit to the Disney Parks.

Although MouseInfo uses a wiki technology, it's not a standard wiki. MouseInfo is not an encyclopedia! A few conventions should be understood when creating or editing the MouseInfo Guide Pages


Page Name

To aid in making the pages as logical to navigate to as possible, there are a few simple things to keep in mind.

When creating a new page, the page name should be properly spelled and use the full official name. For instance, "Downtown Disney" should NOT be created as a page shorthand or unofficial terminology; for instance the following are not correct proper page names for Downtown Disney: "DTD," "Down Town Disney," "Disneyland Mall," etc

In addition to proper spelling, the name should also have the proper capitalization including all capitalized words. For instance, "Downtown Disney" but NOT "downtown disney" or "Downtown disney."

Redirecting Incorrect Page Names

Sometimes it is common for a page to have a name that is also very common but not official. For instance, Walt Disney Imagineering Blue Sky Cellar is more commonly referred to as simply "Blue Sky Cellar."

In instances in which a page might be frequently visited by its unofficial, more popular name, a Page Redirect can be appropriate. Doing this is easy. To create a redirect, simply add a simple line of coding to the page so that it automatically will direct users to the proper page.

The coding below is used to redirect a page to another location.

#REDIRECT [[Name]]

For example, on the Blue Sky Cellar page replacing "Name" from the coding example above to "Walt Disney Imagineering Blue Sky Cellar" will automatically redirect to the proper page.

Pages that have been redirected will have a note on them at the very top notifying you of a page that has been redirected. See here: Blue Sky Cellar.

Copyrights, in no way at any point, claims ownership of any content submitted to the MI Guide Pages (including photos). Regardless, please ensure that ANY images and information shared on MouseInfo are owned by you or are used with express written permission.

Any images or information found to be used without permission will be removed and repeat offenders will be banned without notice.

Please see MouseInfo:Copyrights for more information.

Not an Encyclopedia

Unlike most wikis, which strive to maintain all information in an encyclopedic manner, the MouseInfo Guide Pages are meant provide the best tips and information for planning a trip.

Information that does not assist in trip planning should be reserved for the "History" sections located at the bottom of most pages. The information for this section includes anything that that is not necessarily of value for planning a trip such as historical references & accounts, page-specific information such as mechanical engineering, accidents, or other sorts of information .

Tone and Objectivity

The MouseInfo Guide Pages are a tool to help plan a vacation. As such, statements should be written free from bias or opinion.

Wikipedia officially addresses this issue as the "Neutral Point of View." You can learn more about Neutral Point of View by clicking here.

Cross Linking

When writing new articles or editing existing ones, don't forget to create internal links to points of interest. Even if that particular page doesn't exist yet link to that page anyways! In the future, when that page is eventually created it will automatically be correctly linked.

To cross link, simply enclose a word or phrase with in brackets [[ ]]. For example: [[Disneyland Resort]].

Linking Dates

All dates and years on the MouseInfo Guide Pages should be a link. When creating a link to a date, though, the month and date must be linked independently from the year. For example, July 17, 1955 would be linked as such: [[July 17]], [[1955]]. The end result would be as follows: July 17, 1955.

The date pages are organized by year where as the year pages are organized by date! See July 17 and 1955 to understand the proper layout for dates and years.

Using Images

Please do not add copyrighted images (including but not limited to photographs) to the site unless you are the copyright holder or have express written consent to share them on MouseInfo.

In an effort to prevent hotlinking, ONLY images hosted on the MouseInfo Galleries can be used on the MouseInfo Guide pages. As a reminder, it is against community guidelines to upload or use copyrighted images or images to which you do not have permission to share.

Just because an image has been added to the MouseInfo Gallery, however, does not mean it is free to share. If you do not own the rights to the image you must still ask for permission to use the image on the MouseInfo Guide Page.

You can consult the list of MouseInfo:Approved Galleries for galleries of images that can be used on MouseInfo.

Adding Images to a Page

To add a photo to MouseInfo Guide Pages, you'll need to upload it to Be sure to place it into the appropriate Gallery category.

Once the image is processed, you can use this information to create an image for a gallery! Simply navigate down the image page and copy the coding from the "Wiki Code" box! You can then paste that wherever you want to use it on a Guide Page!

The coding itself is quite simple, it should look something like the coding below. The first URL is the page location followed by a single space and then the URL of the image to display on the page.


Sample Clickable Image

This is what the coding above looks like on the page:


Photo Gallery

Sometimes it is appropriate to use a Photo Gallery to showcase several related images all at once on a MouseInfo Guide Page. Most pages have a gallery section at the bottom of the page but sometimes additional galleries may be needed on the page.

Once you have all the images you want to include in a Photo Gallery, simply place them side by side, separated by a space and put them inbetween the Photo Gallery coding below.

<div class="photo_gallery"><span class="plainlinks">
Images go here, separated by a space!

IMPORTANT: Do make sure you include all the coding above including the closing marks for </span> and </div>.

Sample Photo Gallery

This gallery is comprised of an image used several times to illustrate a gallery.

Adding Video

Unlike most wikis, MouseInfo has the ability to share YouTube video when appropriate!

In general there should only be one YouTube Player on the page. YouTube Players must never walterfall; several players following each other with no content inbetween them is not allowed.

The coding below generates a YouTube player on MouseInfo. At most, only one value needs to be modified but the video can also be accompanied by a caption. See below for details on this coding.

<div class="youtube">{{#evp:youtube
|Optional Caption Goes Here
First Value 
The first value following the "|" symbol is the Youtube Video ID. ("p0KS6ThalfM" in the example above.) This ID number can be taken from the end of the web URL of the video in question. The example above was taken from:
Second Value 
Captions are not required but the caption goes on this line. Leave blank for no caption.

IMPORTANT: Do make sure you include all the coding above including the closing marks for </div>.

Example Video

Optional Caption Goes Here

Adding a Video Gallery

In the instance of multiple videos being appropriate on a page or in a section, only one (1) YouTube player should be used and the first of a series (or the most important of the group) should be used on the page. Additional videos should be appropriately linked and listed underneath the video player.

Note that additional links go below the </div> element.

<div class="youtube">
|Optional Caption Goes Here
'''Additional Videos'''
*[ Caption 1]
*[ Caption 2]

IMPORTANT: Do make sure you include all the coding above including the closing marks for </div>.

Example Video Gallery

Optional Caption Goes Here
Additional Videos