We are so ready to move back onto Wisteria Lane with this new Desperate Housewives app

The folks at Megazebra have apparently been toiling away at a new mobile game app that will be bringing back to life the scandalous housewives of Wisteria Lane with the upcoming Desperate Housewives: The Game.

The whole thing seems to be an elaborate April Fools prank but if the Facebook page or official page are to be believed a grand new game will be coming to the Apple App Store.

From the trailer released on Facebook, it would seem that all the favorites are back including Bree, Gaby, Susan, Lynette, and even Edie but players would not be assuming the roles of the noted femme fatales. Instead, it would seem that the game puts you as a first person housewife right on the familiar street where scandal, mystery, and chaos run rampant.

We don’t know much about the project but they have our attention!


Author: Joey Inigo

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