#D23Expo: Imagineers address fans and backlash from upcoming changes to Pirates of the Caribbean

Today during a D23 Expo panel, Disney Imagineers were assembled to talk about the 50 historic years of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction but it wasn’t the past that heated up the conversation, it was a look towards the future where things got decidedly more lively.

The attraction made lots of headlines recently with the announcement of a few changes to the classic attraction in both US parks sparked the passions of many a fan who were not happy about the updates. While Disney could have easily ignored the backlash in this panel and focused on just the legacy of the Disney Parks classic, they took the opportunity to address the matter head on with fans in the room.

Disney Imagineering Ambassador Marty Sklar had some thoughtful comments on it concluding that he saw nothing negative about these changes and that CHANGE itself was a tradition of Disney Imagineering. We’ll have a more in depth look at this panel later but for now you can see this particular moment below.

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D23 Expo 2017 takes place at the Anaheim Convention Center from July 14-16, 2017.

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  1. Marty I have a tremendous amount of respect for you and the Imagineers. But the changes taking place at the parks are not visionary. They are compromising. Walt’s vision of the park was ground breaking, it was forward thinking, and it was genius. Today’s changes, the lands, the political correctness, the unimpressive thinking behind those changes aren’t ground breaking or forward thinking. The Disney organization has become a “me too” organization. Kind of a “Hey, Universal is doing this or Universal is doing that, we should do something like that as well. First you turn Tomorrowland into Cartoonland. And now you are turning Disney parks into Universal Studios.

    I am very very disappointed in your as Zig Ziglar would put it: Stinkin Thinkin!

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