Grab a glass of blue ‘Sky Milk’ and take a look inside the #D23Expo 2017 preview night

To kick off the D23 Expo 2017, Disney held a press preview to give us a sneak peek at all the goings on for this year’s event. As part of the festivities, we had the chance to check out the exhibits for PIRATES LIFE FOR ME (see pictures and video hereGALAXY OF STORIES (see pictures and video here) and then afterwards we were able to enjoy some appetizers and drinks!

We don’t usually do write-ups about press events themselves (so meta or is it Inception?) but the food items here were really fun so we had to share the sights and sounds of evening kicking off the entire D23 Expo! ENJOY!

Kicking off Pirates

Michael Vargo, Vice President of D23, Walt Disney Archives, and Disney Corporate Creative Resources kicked off the event.

More Info: IN DEPTH: #D23Expo assembles impressive collection celebrating 50+ years of DISNEY PIRATES

Moving to a Galaxy’s Edge

Bob Chapek, Chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, shared his excitement for the Disney Parks and the new Star Wars expansion.

More Info: IN DEPTH: Star Wars themed land on full display for #D23Expo 2017

Galactic Feast

We can’t wait to have Blue Milk in the parks but we’re pretty sure the Sky Milk served at this event was just for the party. The flavor was decidedly quite tropical and definitely alcoholic so it seems like we should have a completely different formulation in 2019 when the new land opens. All of the appetizers and eats for the party had a decidedly galactic flare…

Take a look at those Wookie Pies though, so cute!!

More to See!

We were at the D23 Expo 2017 the entire weekend with plenty to see! Check it all out by clicking below!

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