CLOSER LOOK: Games of the Boardwalk at Disney California Adventure updated for #PixarPier🎡

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Pixar Pier at Disney California Adventure is almost ready to debut to guests and during a media preview today we were able to scope out the new Games of the Boardwalk in the Pixar Promenade section of the new land.

As part of the makeover for the land the former pay-for-play games have been redressed for Pixar Pier:

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La Luna Star Catcher

A fishing game for the whole family featuring star characters from the Academy Award nominated Pixar short, “La Luna.” Formerly themed around Goofy and fishing!


20180621_151340 20180621_151350 20180621_151326 20180621_151519
20180621_151319 20180621_151457 20180621_151424 20180621_151410


Heimlich’s Candy Corn Toss

Featuring the adorable caterpillar, Heimlich, from the Pixar animated feature film “A Bug’s Life”. For this game, guests toss over-sized candy corns into Heimlich’s open mouth. Formerly themed to the Disney animated short “Casey at Bat”!


20180621_151013 20180621_152457 20180621_152412 20180621_151044 20180621_151053 20180621_152415


WALL-E Space Race

Inspired by the dance scene set in space from the Pixar animated feature film, “WALL-E”. The game features WALL-E and EVE twirling up into the space, propelled by guests triggering a fire extinguisher. Formerly themed to the fire fighter scene in “Dumbo”!


20180621_151126 20180621_151111 20180621_151136 20180621_151143


Bullseye Stallion Stampede

This should be most familiar to returning guests as it remains mostly unchanged. A horse racing game where horses like Bullseye from “Toy Story” are moved along by guests rolling balls.


20180621_152853 20180621_152858 20180621_150912 20180621_150921


See it for Yourself

Games of the Boardwalk open officially with Pixar Pier at Disney California Adventeure on June 23.

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pixar pier official -2

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  1. It would be really nice if Disney rotated their prizes on a quarterly basis. We LOVE playing the games, but it gets a little old winning the same thing over and over.

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