COMPLETE LOOK: Pixar Pier opens at Disney California Adventure bringing new experiences


Pixar Pier is here! During an advance media preview, we had the change to dive into the new land and we present to you now our ultimate guide to exploring the new offerings. Sit back and skip the lines as we take you on a tour of Pixar Pier!



The return of this attraction brings with it an INCREDIBLES themed overlay that adds a bunch memorable new touches to the classic coaster!

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Pixar Pal-A-Round

Virtually the same classic experiences as before, get a bird’s eye view of Pixar Pier from thrilling swinging gondolas or relaxing non-swinging gondolas.

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Games of the Boardwalk

The classic boardwalk games have been rethemed once more, this time for Pixar properties!

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Toy Story Midway Mania

The entrance has changed up a bit with a relocated entrance that puts Mr. Potatohead in the main walkway instead of behind queue railing. The fan-favorite remains otherwise unchanged.

20180622_113915 20180621_150528


Pixarmonic Orchestra

This delightful band of musicians play unusual instruments to bring to life classic tunes from Pixar films.


Character Meet and Greets

You never know which Pixar characters you might run into!

The Incredibles

You might see Edna Mode, Frozone, Mr. Incredible or Elastigirl can be seen in Incredibles Park or at the Pixar Fest gazebo.

20180621_114711 20180621_114718


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Toy Story

At Toy Story Boardwalk you can find Woody, Buzz, and Jessie!


A Bug’s Life

Flik and Atta might be seen in the Pixar Promenade.



Dug and Russel can be found strolling Pixar Promenade.

20180621_151714 20180621_154757


Lamplight Lounge

Another exciting offering of the new land is this new dining concept offering food, beverages, and relaxing atmosphere with fantastic views of Paradise Bay.

MORE INFO: INSIDE AND IN DEPTH: Lamplight Lounge features tons of nods to Pixar with new decor and menu


Quick Eats: Adorable Snowman’s; Cookie Num Nums; Poultry Palace; Señor Buzz; Angry Dogs

If you’re on the go you might want to refuel with these quick options.

MORE INFO: FIRST LOOK: Pixar Pier offers food fast with kiosks for Chicken, Turkey Legs, Ice Cream, Churros, and Hot Dogs



There’s a whole lot to get your hands on to celebrate the arrival of Pixar Pier.

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Pixar Pier Neighborhoods

The land is split up into four distinct areas, each with its own unique personality. All of the new offerings are organized into four neighborhoods. Each has its own separate themed trashcan.

Incredibles Park

This is the first land you come across after entering the land. It contains the INCREDICOASTER and Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums.

Toy Story Boardwalk

Anchored by Toy Story Midway Mania this section will also be home to Jessie’s Critter Carousel which is set to open next year. You’ll also find Señor Buzz Churros here.

Inside Out Headquarters

This land will not be ready for a bit, it will feature Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff later this year and eventually an Inside Out themed attraction.

Pixar Promenade

This catch-all land contains an assorted mix of all the other characters not represented in the other sections of the land. It’s home to the Pixar Pal-A-Round and the bandstand where the Pixarmonic Orchestra now play.

More to Explore


New billboards welcome you to Pixar Pier; themed after Coco, Finding Dory, Wall-E and Up!

20180621_143125 20180621_143131 20180621_143138 20180621_143145

Ball Fountain


Face Painting


More to See

20180621_140927 20180621_150815 20180621_150818

But Wait, There’s More

Pixar Pier isn’t finished. Although the land debuted officially June 23, there’s still more on the way…

Jessie’s Critter Carousel

Expected to open in 2019, this is a Toy Story re-theme of the former King Triton’s Carousel.

20180621_150048 20180621_150052

Inside Out Headquarters

This is the fourth segment of Pixar Pier, it will include a new attraction and Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff candy shop and confectionary.

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  1. Thanks for all the great updates! I think Pixar Pier is a step back for DCA. A lot of TLC for the restaurants and shops, but what did they do to the attractions?! The Incredicoaster looks like a cheap temporary layover, couldn’t they come up with a realy storyline or even not-cheap looking effects? The only thing positive about the pal-a-round, is the entrance arch. The whole feel of the Pier is so incoherent, the overall theme is “Pixar”, but I do not think that is enough 🙁

    I’m really disappointed in this “up”grade… Even Jessie’s carrousel looks cheap and the Inside Out thing doesn’t only look cheap, it must be cheap: they are tearing the Flik’s theming (which was “ok”, at least the thing had a storyline) down and slapping a random Inside Out theming on it, Six Flags anyone, DCA 1.0 anyone? Is this a “back to the 2001’s”-party?

    I really liked California Screamin’ and it’s music and “theme”, but that’s all gone now and I’m sad. Now they will never ever put the once imagined Victorian theme to the Pier 🙁

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    • Fair points, Tom. Thanks for sharing those thoughts. It is odd how at odds the new elements are with each other. They added Victorian touches at Frosted Treats and Pal-A-Round but then removed that for the Churros and Turkey Legs.

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