PICTORIAL: Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge gets some color, Downtown Disney continues to morph, plus more


There was a lot going on this past weekend at the Disneyland Resort with the debut of Pixar Pier which we covered quite extensively over the past few days but there is plenty going on around the rest of the resort including construction on Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, a new parking structure at Mickey and Friends, and a massive revamp of the Downtown Disney shopping district.

Of course, we’ll have a merch run for you and much more in this latest pictorial. ENJOY!

Pixar Pier is Here!


Pixar Pier is now officially open. During an advance media preview we had the change to dive into the new land and present to you our ultimate guide to exploring the brand new land. Sit back and skip the lines as we take you on a tour of the newly revamped land!

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Pixar Pier Premiere

We didn’t attend the public separately ticketed premiere party for Pixar Pier but during the media preview we did see a few of the photo-ops that were available for the evening.


20180621_172553 20180622_103459 20180622_110338 20180622_114756

Inside Out Headquarters

There’s still a lot of work to bring to life the Inside Out themed area.

IMG_8835 IMG_8836


This seemed to survive for some reason.

Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind

emotional whirlwind

Inside Out Headquarters in Pixar Pier will feature a brand new ride, the Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind. Concept art seems to confirm that the Flik’s Flyers attraction from “a bug’s land” — which is set to close permanently this fall — will be repurposed on the site of the former Maliboomer attraction with a res-kin to bring it into the world of INSIDE OUT.

MORE INFO: Pixar Pier will bring an Emotional Whirlwind in 2019

Toy Story Midway Mania

The attraction returned as a part of Pixar Pier and it came with a newly relocated entrance that is now located just to the right of Mr. Potatohead leaving him to his true original purpose which was to bark at passers by to encourage them to visit the ride.


20180622_111847 20180621_150537

Access points have moved to the new entrance.


FastPass machines are mostly unmarked.


World of Disney Redesign

The first half or the World of Disney store has returned from its redesign. Now the other half of the store is closed for its conversion. The fully completed store is set to debut this fall.


20180621_111920 20180622_204632


20180621_112233 20180621_112418 20180621_112011 20180621_112029 20180621_112041 20180621_112050 20180621_111949 20180621_112111 20180621_112054 20180621_112136


20180621_112158 20180621_112217 20180621_112421 20180621_112313 20180621_112251 20180621_112328 20180621_112354 20180621_112525 20180621_112531 20180621_112635


Around Disneyland

20180622_175924 20180622_175912 20180622_175937 20180622_175942

Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room celebrated its 55th Anniversary at Disneyland on Saturday.


Photo ops were available including this one asking if you have seen Rosita? It seems like we may actually get to meet her soon at the Tropical Hideaway if rumors and speculation turn out to be true about the upcoming Tropical Hideaway.


A new sign has showed up on the Tropical Hideaway refurbishment walls.


Looks like the scarab pieces have finally been separated and the Cave of Wonders has descended back into the ground at the site of the Tropical Hideaway.

20180622_173813 IMG_8897





In news you didn’t need, a lot of the foliage at Rancho del Zocalo restaurant has been trimmed back and they replaced the giant tree near the entrance with a smaller one. The area is decidedly less lush than before but does feel a bit more like a desert.


The water is a more realistic greenish color than I seem to remember in previous visits where it was a much darker blue color.


Mint Juleps for you. Curious to see how they’re changing up this area which clearly is in need of a re-work to handle capacity.


Tacos from Paradise Garden Grill are part of the Coco-themed menu for Pixar Fest.


Also new for Pixar Fest is the coco themed Hurache which is covered with Al Pastor, lettuce, crema, salsa, and accompanied by pickled veggies. The flavors are good but the sope shell was disappointingly rubbery.


Rancho Nachos with Queso are also available now at Rancho Del Zocalo.


Those are not the golden spires of Sleeping Beauty Castle.


This balloon is so cute!!


We got stuck in this morbid scene inside of Snow White’s Scary Adventures.


How ya doin’ bone daddy?



Ever see $63 just up and fly away?





The blue lighting in the park seemed super bright in the dusky twilight.


Galaxy’s Edge

Work continues on the planet of Batuu as more and more peaks peek over the horizon. Some of the concrete work is also starting to get color.


IMG_8891 IMG_8890 IMG_8892 IMG_8895


Downtown Disney


Rain Forest Cafe marquee came down. Bulldozers should be arriving in the next few weeks.

20180621_111157 20180621_111210

20180621_111042 20180621_111317

ESPN Zone and AMC are also going to soon be demolished.

20180621_111122 20180621_111406

Earl of Sandwich and Starbucks are one of the few remaining tenants still open but they too will be demolished to make way for the new hotel.


20180621_111646 20180621_111724

Blackcraft and Ballast Point are also on track to open this year.


Salt & Straw is coming soon.


Naples new entrance is coming along.


Wetzels Pretzels will be returning later this year.


But you can still get their goods from a cart in Downtown Disney.

Downtown Disney Closures

Closures may be subject to change. An official list of closures has not been released.

  • Haagen Dazs – CLOSED May 31
  • ESPN Zone – CLOSED June 2
  • Wetzels Pretzels – CLOSED June
  • AMC Downtown Disney 12 – CLOSED June 17 (AMC Anaheim GardenWalk 6 will be opening Summer 2019)
  • Rainforest Cafe – CLOSED June 17 
  • Earl of Sandwich – June 26
  • Starbucks West – June 27 (could reopen in the new Hotel)
  • Alamo Rental Car – June 28 (relocating to Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel)
  • Disney Vacation Club Sales Center / Disney Travel – June

Disneyland’s New Four Diamond Hotel

The new Four Diamond hotel is currently set to open in 2021, transforming the west end of the Downtown Disney District and anchoring a new gateway into the Disneyland Resort. The stunning 700-room hotel will feature a sophisticated design with dynamic dining, entertainment and hotel experience for resort visitors and local residents. The ground level of the hotel will include shops and restaurants opening onto an expansive landscaped plaza complete with playful water features, creating a gathering place for guests and visitors.

MORE INFO: New concept art and details for Disneyland Resort’s fourth hotel

Merch Run


Merchandise was created to commemorate the 55th Anniversary of the attraction.

20180622_172320 20180622_172146

20180622_165540 20180622_165729




20180622_171040 20180622_171048




Pixar Fest

This summer it’s a full-blown Pixar Fest at the Disneyland Resort and every inch of the property is ready for the celebration. A whole bunch of new entertainment, food, shopping, decorations, and more have debuted and are ready to enjoy now though September 3! That means there’s 71 days left to enjoy!

MORE INFO: PICTORIAL: PIXAR FEST launches at the Disneyland Resort bringing entertainment, food and fun

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