PICTORIAL: Holidays begin at the Disneyland Resort while Star Wars, Parking, and more construction continues


It’s officially Christmas time as far as the Disneyland Resort is concerned and they are well under way with their busiest time of year with the Disney Holidays. This year, there’s a ton of food options but not much new in the way of entertainment or offerings. The return of favorites such as the parade and fireworks are great and the Festival of Holidays dominates the holidayscape at Disney California Adventure. A host of new food options did debut this year at Disneyland proper. We’ll take a taste of that, too!

Aside from the return of classics and favorites for the Disney Holidays, there’s a bunch of projects still on going at the Happiest Place on Earth including Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the new Mickey and Friends Parking Structure, and more. Refurbishment continues at the Matterhorn Bobsleds attraction which is getting a new entrance setup.

We’ll also get a look at Pixar Pier, new Disney Walls for your selfie-taking needs, and also a nice merch run for you at the end with both holiday and non-holiday purchaseables. All of this and much more in a gigantic pictorial update! ENJOY!

Holidays Begin Here



20181110_074307 20181110_074339

Holiday Feasts


The holidays are a time of joy, merriment… and FOOD. We hit the Disneyland Resort to get our first taste of the new offerings at the Merriest Place on Earth!

MORE INFO: FIRST TASTE: New food options make things tasty and bright for the 2018 Disney Holidays!

Holidays at Disneyland


A special winter frost has taken over the main entrance once again this year. It’s paint scheme is much less heavy on the blues than in previous years and it looks great.

“it’s a small world” Holiday


You can now embark on the merriest cruise that ever sailed on “it’s a small world” Holiday.

Haunted Mansion Holiday

20180908_111339 20180908_112840

Haunted Mansion Holiday continues to haunt with its quirky blend of two holidays.

Parade and Fireworks

A Christmas Fantasy Parade is back once again to enchant twice daily. Then at night you can look to the skies to takein the snowfall and firework presentation of Believe… in Holiday Magic.

Christmas Tree


Disneyland’s 60-foot Christmas Tree got a new set of decorations this year. For the most part, the decorations are quite nice but the overall look is a bit more sparse to years prior. While it all comes together rather nicely from a far-away view, we absolutely do not like the giant plastic candles. They add a cheapness that doesn’t match any of the other decorations on the tree. What’s worse, they don’t scale smaller towards the top of the tree, instead they just get shorter and shorter.


Very pretty!


Not so pretty. Nostalgic yes, does it look good? We argue: No.

20181110_094304 20181110_094324 20181110_094334 20181110_094151

More Holiday Decor


20181110_095321 20181110_095339
20181110_132751 20181110_094433 20181110_094453 20181110_094123 20181110_094507 20181110_094633 20181110_095018 20181110_095045


Holidays at Disney California Adventure


Festival of Holidays returns once again to Disney California Adventure with a great assortment of holiday cheer.

Viva Navidad


The beautiful masterpiece that is Viva Navidad returns once again this year with its traditional street party, entertainment, and dining options. Princess Elena of Avalor is also back greeting guests.

20181110_162056 20181110_162454


This is the first year we’ve seen female drummers in the show. Love it!

20181110_082602 20181110_082614


Santa’s Holiday Visit


There’s always a bunch going on inside Redwood Creek. This is such a great holiday getaway.


IMG_0567 20181110_090209 20181110_090252 20181110_090725


It now randomly snows at night along the trail!


Cars Land Holiday


20181110_140833 20171110_093348

Although neither attraction had their marquees in time for the start of the Disney Holidays this past weekend, both Luigi’s Joy to the Whirl and Mater’s Jingle Jamboree returned adding holiday tunes to their lineup.

20181110_143202 20181110_143223 20181110_141027 20181110_141147

Festival of Holidays


The popular food festival celebrating different cultures of the world returns once again with food, entertainment, and general merriment.


The 2018 Festival of Holidays Sip & Savor Tasting Passport is available for regular guests ($54) and Annual Passholders ($49) which gives you eight total vouchers good on basically all food and non-alcoholic offerings at the festival marketplace booths.

To get the most value out of the passport, you’ll just want to make sure you don’t get any of the items that cost less than $6.75 (regular) or $6.13 (passholder). Considering the prices, that shouldn’t be terribly difficult as long as you avoid desserts and drinks.

20181110_080245 20181110_080309 20181110_080356 20181110_080437 20181110_081307 20181110_081342 20181110_081426 20181110_081506 20181110_081652 20181110_082228 20181110_082251 20181110_082047


Henna, face painting, crafts, boutique shopping carts, entertainment and more await you as part of the festival.

20181110_081159 20181110_081206 20181110_082131 20181110_082125 20181110_163853 20181110_081537

Holidays at Downtown Disney


Downtown Disney didn’t have all of its holiday decor up for opening weekend but the shops are certainly ready!


20181110_074449 20181110_074503 20181110_075224 20181110_074514

More Holiday Decor


20181110_075921 20181110_075952 20181110_091817 20181110_080021 20181110_135958 20181110_081544 20181110_081523 20181110_085819 20181110_085826

Holiday Novelties

20181110_084709 20181110_091027 20181110_092510 20181110_134021 20181110_091903 20181110_091917

Around Disney California Adventure


In memory of those lost at the shooting in Thousand Oaks and the wildfires in California, Disneyland Resort had the flags at half staff.


Two new Disney Walls are ready for your selfie-taking needs.

20181110_134307 20181110_134345


Carthay Circle Restaurant now offers Lounge seating downstairs and now also upstairs. The full drink menu is available in both lounges but the dining menus ARE different.

20181110_144503 20181110_144519

The bites on the Terrace are essentially the same ones available as appetizers inside the restaurant. The menu downstairs is a little broader.


For either lounge, you wait in a single line and when you get to the front you are asked for your preference.


Firecracker Duck Wings were previously only available with seated dining. You can now enjoy the popular appetizer in the upstairs terrace lounge.


Pixar Pier continues to move along with its new Jessie’s Critter Carousel timed closer to an opening with next year’s Toy Story 4.


Bing Bong Watch continues. Will it go into the new year?

20181110_083335 20181110_084324

World of Color is also in a race to completion. Will it debut before year’s end? New barges appeared last week on the bay.


Inside Out: Emotional Whirlwind is still quite a ways from completion.  Demolition hasn’t even finished yet.

IMG_0549 IMG_0550
20181110_084700 20181110_084455


“a bug’s land” slowly moves towards demolition to make away for the new Marvel-themed land.

IMG_0555 IMG_0556
20181110_091335 20181110_092502

Around Disneyland


Waterfall is back on at the Matterhorn. The new entrance setup is still coming along…

20181110_121526 20181110_121518


Walls are still up around rockwork on the Nemo lagoon.


Evidently very popular and yet confusing to find.


“it’s a small world” Toy Shop is now free of refurbishment walls.

20181110_120517 20181110_120514

Tropical Hideaway continues along.

MORE INFO: Disney confirms ‘Rosita’ debuting at Disneyland’s new TROPICAL HIDEAWAY


Whatever they are planning to separate Main Street from Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room seems to be quite large.

20181110_072343 20181110_072358 20181110_072404 20181110_072350

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge continues along with most of its progress hidden from view.


Around the Resort


Disney Home window displays have been pretty delightful since it opened.

20181110_074349 20181110_074356 20181110_074410 20181110_074442 20181110_074529

World of Disney window displays are a little bland.


Napolini got its marquee.


Wetzel’s Pretzels speeds along while Ballast Point and Black Tap hurry towards their opening for this year.

20181110_074731 20181110_074753 20181110_074802 20181110_075002


The new structure also speeds along at Mickey and Friends. Lots of speed.

20181110_072622 20181110_072627 20181110_072631 20181110_072634 20181110_072555 20181110_072600 20181110_072606 20181110_072615 20181110_072329

Merch Run

Disney Holidays


20181110_080449 20181110_080501 20181110_080510 20181110_080521 20181110_080534 20181110_080552
20181110_080626 20181110_080631 20181110_080751 20181110_082001
20181110_081846 20181110_082011


The designs on this pattern were turned into actual ornaments:

20181110_131531 20181110_131540
20181110_092824 20181110_092845
20181110_092906 20181110_092910 20181110_092950
20181110_131648 20181110_131654


20181110_081838 20181110_081857
20181110_141356 20181110_141503 20181110_141429



Regular Merch


20181110_085445 20181110_085448



See it for Yourself

The Disney Holidays take place now through January 06, 2019.

MORE INFO: Find more news and info about the 2018 Disney Holidays.

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