PICTORIAL: Construction continues as Christmas draws near; Star Wars, Downtown Disney, Parking


As the Disney Holidays continue on at the Happiest Place on Earth, a hub-bub of activity also continues to be the norm as construction and refurbishment projects continue day to day.

Today we’ve got a huge update with a look at ongoing work at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the new Mary Poppins Returns exhibit at the Disney Gallery, a taste of the newly reopened Napolini restaurant with its new fast-fire concept, and Salt & Straw December flavors of ice cream.

We’ll also check in on the Downtown Disney and the new restaurant experiences coming soon (Wetzel’s Pretzels will likely open this month), Tropical Hideaway (confirmed to open before the year’s end), and the Red Rose Taverne which seems to be in chrysalis as temporary details are replaced with more lasting ones seeming permanently evicting Pinocchio and the former Village Haus theme.

There’s going to be a look at the three Disney hotels and their holiday decor, Mickey’s Toontown and its holiday regalia, and Storybook Land Canal Boats with its underrated seasonal layover. Plus, we’ll stop in at the Blue Bayou Restaurant for dinner, and have a nice meaty merch run for you at the end. All of this and much much more in our latest park pictorial. ENJOY!

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

The new Star Wars themed land draws ever closer with tons of work still left to do before its grand debut Summer 2019. Some estimates have suggested waits of 10 hours or more to experience the magic inside. How willing are you to wait to visit a galaxy far, far away?



20181208_133726 IMG_0777 IMG_0779 IMG_0780

Disney Gallery: The Art of Mary Poppins

The Disney Gallery has finally updated its exhibit and it’s in celebration of the upcoming Mary Poppins Returns featuring costumes, props and concept artwork.




20181208_110127 20181208_110138 20181208_110156 20181208_110204 20181208_110314 20181208_110332 20181208_110507 20181208_110549


This particular concept art for the film is very reminiscent of Peter Ellenshaw painting. Great tribute to his work in the first Mary Poppins film.

Napolini Reopens in Downtown Disney

The popular and much-needed low price point eatery has returned to Downtown Disney and it’s updated its dining concept to be a fast-fire pizza stop. There’s still grab-and-go salads and other items available. Price points are still relatively decent considering the location. Are you excited to have Napolini back?


20181208_130208 20181202_175400 20181202_175423 20181202_175430


Not much added in the way of much-needed seating but the area is a little more clearly defined than it was before and the planter barrier was created with additional seating space.


Pizza box trashcans.

Salt & Straw December Flavors

Every month since it’s opened, Salt & Straw has featured new Limited Edition flavors and December is no different with Peppermint Bark Cocoa, Cinnamon Coconut Eggnog (and it’s vegan!), and Gingerbread Cookie Dough. Of all the limited edition flavors released thus far, these are perhaps the least interesting but all three are sure to be palate pleasers. We opted for a single split scoop of the first two flavors.

20181208_130255 20181208_131154

Around Disneyland


Flags at half staff in memory of President George H. W. Bush.


The planters have Mickey ears now. Maybe a little cheesy but it’s cute!

20181202_133124 20181208_110708



California Cuties sponsor the Market Street Fruit cart.

20181208_110926 20181208_110938


Disneyland has been very aggressively pushing the use of the Disneyland App. They’ve stopped updating the info board in the hub and they no longer hand out Times Guides at the entrance — they’re still available you just have to ask for them.

These are probably the right steps to take but for Disney to essentially force a digital service that relies on having data service on a mobile phone it’s a very poor customer service mistake to NOT have WiFi available throughout the entire park. Especially when you consider international folks who might not have data plans during their vacations (as we saw with some friends visiting from Australia recently) then it becomes a very bad look very quickly.

20181208_114559 20181208_114602

Maurice’s Specialty Sandwich ($7.49) is a croissant sandwich with turkey, tomato, pepper-jack cheese, and a mayo sauce.

20181208_111050 20181208_111435

The walls are finally done in-between Jolly Holiday and Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room. The Main Street side isn’t so bad but the bamboo on the Adventureland side just seems slightly off.


The Enchanted Tiki Room features two companion restrooms.


Tropical Hideaway was confirmed to open in December!

MORE INFO: Disney confirms ‘Rosita’ debuting at Disneyland’s new TROPICAL HIDEAWAY





Some work going on at Peter Pan’s Flight. FastPass extended queue perhaps?

20181202_135211 20181202_135219

Looks like permanent touches are being added to the former Village Haus which would not be a good indication that the location’s previous Pinocchio theme will be returning. Red Rose Taverne seems to be a new permanent addition.


The other side of the sign still has the temporary covering.


A permanent sign has been added to the entrance, as well.

20181202_135259 20181202_135303

The curtains have been removed at the entrance. The windows are not new but the Pinocchio wood-work that sat in front of them has been removed.


Not all details have been stripped away as yet and are still covered by black curtains.

20181202_140354 20181202_140406




Although it’s never advertised, the Storybook Land Canal boats also get a holiday layover each year. Tiny garlands, wreaths, and decorations populate the miniature houses and buildings in the attraction.

20181202_142436 20181202_142456 20181202_142512 20181202_142518 20181202_142640 20181202_142634 20181202_142525 20181202_142627 20181202_142706 20181202_142723 20181202_142458 20181202_142745 20181202_142428 20181202_142818 20181202_142758 20181202_142835


The back of the new queue at Dumbo looks SO BAD from the Storybook Land Canal boats. I hope they have a long term solution planned for this very unattractive end result.

There’s a special magic, at Christmastime each year. Hearts are gay and merry and full of yuletide cheer! A Christmas Fantasy Parade is such a classic but would you want to see Disney give their holiday parade a whole fresh new take?

20181208_115434 20181202_143401 20181202_143405 20181202_143426 20181202_143459 20181202_143503 20181202_143510 20181202_143523


The Toontown characters are rocking new Christmas outfits this year but only in Toontown. They still have their tired green sweaters and red hats on Main Street.


One of these washers is not like the others.





Still don’t know who he’s talking to.


Baby foxes are still gone. I hope they didn’t get ated. But in reality, I suspect they were burgled.

20181202_152614 20181202_152619

Walls are down near the Mattehorn where rockwork has been removed to widen the walkway ever so slightly.





20181202_153548 20181202_153652




Christmas in the future.




Have you dined at the Blue Bayou Restaurant?


20181202_210950 20181202_210955
20181202_222502 20181202_222559 20181202_222516 20181202_222520


Mint Juleps.

20181202_210846 20181202_212305

Bread service and a beet salad.

20181202_213922 20181202_213948

Lamb and Surf & Turf.

20181202_215855 20181202_220736


Around Disney California Adventure


World of Color may make a Christmas miracle yet.



Bing Bong debuted in Pixar Pier as a static figure with lights and occasional vocal cues although his mouth doesn’t move.

20181202_184648 20181202_184655


Jessie’s Critter Carousel is underway for a debut next year in Pixar Pier.

IMG_0787 IMG_0789 IMG_0788

INSIDE OUT Emotional Whirlwind is also scheduled to open next year.


Flik’s Flyers has been removed. Bulldozers are slowly peeling away all traces of “a bug’s land” to make way for the upcoming Marvel themed land.

IMG_0790 IMG_0791




Ever since World of Disney reopened with a navigable layout and easily wheelchair accessible walkways, we’ve noticed shops all around the resort also taking that cue. It makes the shopping experience a little easier, especially when the parks are packed this month.

20181202_194736 20181202_201453

The time is always right to take in Viva Navidad during the Disney Holidays. Can’t stop, won’t stop loving this unexpected winner of a holiday offering.

Did you know snow falls nightly in the Grizzly Peak area? Every 20 minutes after sunset!

Around the Resort

At Disneyland Hotel


Disneyland Hotel is no longer rocking the giant gingerbread castle.

20181202_154728 20181202_154746

Other decorations from previous years is back though and lovely as ever.


20181202_161245 20181202_161323

Tangaroa Terrace renovation is still under way. The entire facade is being redone.

MORE INFO: New pool bar and quick service Dole Whip window, plus restaurant updates for Disneyland Resort Hotels

20181202_161304 20181202_161359

At the Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa



The real gingerbread hotel at the Grand Californian is back once again with all its sugary smells and hidden Mickeys.

20181202_180550 20181202_180626
20181202_180655 20181202_180724 20181202_180703 20181202_180729


At Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel


20181202_173242 20181202_173134 20181202_173205 20181202_162340 20181202_165005 20181202_165030 20181202_162713 20181202_170859


20181202_162131 20181202_162136 20181202_162141

Old concept art for Paradise Pier is still on display in the lobby.

At Downtown Disney



Wetzel’s Pretzels might be reopening before year’s end. Ballast Point and Black Craft seem not quite as far along.

20181208_131802 20181208_131805 20181208_131806 20181208_131902


Ralph is now wrecking The Void.


The random Honda van has been skinned for the holidays and moved somewhere else. It still has zero context and is parked quite randomly. Very, very strange.

20181202_154207 20181202_154211

Some reconfiguration on the walkways in front of the Monorail station.

20181202_154248 20181202_154255

The shuttered Downtown Disney locations are redecorated for the holidays.



The lot that formerly housed the Carousel Inn is still sitting unused.

At Mickey and Friends Parking Structure


20181208_084537 20181208_084531 20181208_084542 20181208_084602 20181208_084608 20181208_084617


Merch Run


Mary Poppins Returns


20181208_092705 20181208_092602 20181208_092610 20181208_092628 20181208_125822 20181208_125831

Wreck it Ralph



20181208_091559 20181208_091536 20181208_092508 20181208_092522
20181208_092527 20181208_105826 20181208_105830 20181208_105847 20181208_105903 20181202_174953 20181202_172621 20181202_172634 20181208_110030

Snack Purses

20181208_092037 20181208_092048 20181208_092123


Hotel Merchandise


Disneyland Hotel has some specific merchandise featuring Mickey and crew.

20181202_160533 20181202_155956 20181202_160920 20181202_160546 20181202_160845 20181202_160904
20181202_160951 20181202_160621


20181202_181116 20181202_181134 20181202_181155 20181202_180958 20181202_180938 20181202_180949 20181202_181011 20181202_181016



20181202_172838 20181202_172943

More in Store

20181208_091847 20181208_091854 20181208_091904 20181208_092543 20181208_092732 20181208_092735 20181202_160702 20181202_144738 20181208_091750 20181208_092223 20181208_092238 20181208_092413 20181202_184902 20181208_092428 20181208_092446
20181208_105940 20181208_091324


What kind of photos does Ariel like? Shellfies.

Holiday Flavor

The 2018 Festival of Holidays are here and we got our chance to get our first taste of what the booth has to offer. The flavors span the continent bringing salty, sweet, and spicy combinations to tempt the palate!

MORE INFO: FIRST TASTE: 2018 ‘Festival of Holidays’ bring celebration of flavors


The holidays are a time of joy, merriment… and FOOD. We hit the Disneyland Resort to get our first taste of the new offerings at the Merriest Place on Earth!

MORE INFO: FIRST TASTE: New food options make things tasty and bright for the 2018 Disney Holidays!


The Disney Holidays take place now through January 06, 2019.

MORE INFO: Find more news and info about the 2018 Disney Holidays.

Disneyland After Dark


Disneyland After Dark is back again and it brings with it a LOVELY option and a RETRO option!

MORE INFO: DISNEYLAND AFTER DARK 2019 events invite you to meet favorite 90s characters and/or feel the love

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