PICTORIAL: Alien Pizza Planet reopens as permanent new Tomorrowland restaurant


Originally introduced as a temporary layover to the popular Red Rockett’s Pizza Port, the ALIEN PIZZA PLANET is now officially a permanent part of the Tomorrowland lineup following its reopening this past Friday.

The location features a fresh coat of paint to its exteriors (including the former Moonliner tribute next door to it) and some readjustments to its interiors in an effort to make the experience of dining here easier.

The decor and menu remain mostly unchanged. The biggest changes during the recent refurbishment were the removal of the beverage station in the service area which created weird pinch points — it has instead been relocated to the eastern side of the restaurant along the back walk which was previously a dining area. Additional changes came with the removal of booths and walls in the main dining area which created an awkward dining area that limited the amount of seating in the main dining area.

Let’s take a look inside!

The Exterior


20190524_104353 20190524_104429

The Hypercool experience has not been operable for several years but the setup oddly remains, along with its Coca-Cola branding.


The new signage for the location was not yet placed on Friday when the restaurant opened.

Alien Pizza Planet Menu



Inside the Restaurant


20190524_104525 20190524_104500


20190524_104654 20190524_104901 20190524_104614 20190524_104632
20190524_104640 20190524_104716 20190524_104722

Main Dining Area


20190524_105215 20190524_105217 20190524_105000 20190524_105332


Extended Dining Area


20190524_105402 20190524_105412

The Food


20190524_104746 20190524_104750


20190524_104835 20190524_104847



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